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  • 16 February 2021
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Hi, has anyone integrated Typeform with Klaviyo?




Best answer by jallain 16 February 2021, 17:25

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Hello @emilio , have you checked out our integration guide?


Are you experiencing a particular issue when trying to integrate?

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@jallain I did check that out, thank you !

With my previous tool I was able to manually assign Typeform answers to eCRM custom properties (or tags). So “answer 1” to “custom field 1” for example.


Im not seeing how to edit that with Klaviyo. 


Here is why this is a problem in my case:

  1. I am seeing ALL of the survey answers come through as Custom Properties in Klaviyo. That is not efficient since I dont need all the answers in the survey.
  2. Typeform has “question groups”, which are used for repeat questions. For example if a cat owner is answering questions about their multiple cats, the question group just repeats the question for each cat. Im not sure how to handle that in Klaviyo since the answers are not organized in any way. So I dont know which cat likes milk and which cat hates milk. 

Is this something I can customize in Klaviyo? 


I reached out to Typeform and they told me that Klaviyo built this integration and they dont have any documentation on their end...


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@emilio If you look specifically at this section of the article


It mentions:


Any additional form questions will be recorded as custom properties on the individual's profile. The form question will show as the property label and the value will be the submitter's answer.



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@jallain, I can see if the questions are all 100% unique then this works.


However, that doesnt work for the use case i described where there are repeat questions in Typeform.


Repeat questions are used when asking the same set of questions about a group of the respondent’s cats for example. 


For each cat i will ask: name, age, color.  I need to know that “alfred” is “6” and “yellow”.


Right now Klaviyo will just add 3 names and 3 ages and 3 colors to the profile and not tell me which is which.


Does that make sense?