"Viewed Product" Tracking with Shopify / Impulse Theme

  • 19 January 2021
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Does anyone have experience integrating Klaviyo into the Shopify Impulse theme?   I’m struggling with it mightily.  I’ve got almost everything up and running but I’m finding it impossible to get the “Viewed Product” tracking to work.  I’ve been following the Kalviyo instructions to the letter (adding the Viewed Product snippet to the Product.liquid file), and also experimenting with adding the snippet to other areas of the product layout, all without luck.  

Has anyone got the Viewed Product tracking to work on Impulse and can provide instruction on how exactly you did it?  Thanks!


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3 replies

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Please disregard, solution found. 

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Hi Stuedma! Can you tell me what the solution was? I’m setting up Impulse theme now and am not looking forward to integrating Klaviyo.

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Hi @stuedma,

Just wanted to echo @mnalumnimarket’s reply; if you have time to share your solution, that would be super helpful to our other Community members and future users who may have the same question.