Why are my WooCommerce products and product images not updating?

  • 19 March 2021
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Hi, my woocommerce products are not updating.  When I add a new product or update the product image they are not populating in Klaviyo.  What am I doing wrong??


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3 replies

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Hey @riverrun007! This depends on where you’re looking -- are you looking at products from your Klaviyo catalog, or products from event data? 

If you’re looking at products from your catalog (e.g. the items found in a “Product” block within a template), then it’s likely because the sync just needs more time. Catalog syncs can seem slow, because there’s a lot of data to process, and it may take a couple of days for images to update after you change them in your store. 

If you’re looking at product info that comes from event data (for example, the product info section in an abandoned cart flow message), then the images will update as new event data comes in. Carts that were abandoned before the image was changed (or orders placed before the image changed, etc.) will continue to reference the product image that was live at the time the event (Started Checkout/Placed Order) occurred. Only new events that happened after the change took place will include the new product details. 

Does that help clarify? 


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Yes, thank you. More specifically I am creating a new segment of users that purchased a specific product (new product), but I think I figured out that item is not in the drop-down list (productID) if it has never been purchased before correct?

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Yep, that’s right! Once it’s been purchased, it will show up in the drop down :)