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WooCommerce dynamic coupons

  • 4 April 2024
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WooCommerce dynamic coupons
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Exciting news for Klaviyo <> WooCommerce users!


You can now generate dynamic coupons in flows directly within Klaviyo. You can use these single-use coupons to incentivize specific actions (e.g. purchase specific products within a limited time, incentivize third purchases, offer a winback discount, etc) without hurting your margins. 


You can set up dynamic coupons for your WooCommerce store in three easy ways:

  1. Set up a coupon code in WooCommerce based on discount type, amount, and usage restrictions.
  2. This coupon code will then be linked to Klaviyo via the WooCommerce coupon activity.
  3. You can now use this coupon code to generate dynamic coupons in your email and SMS flows.


🚀 Get started today with the following resources:



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2 replies

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This just proves the power of nightly prayer for six years straight.

Oh YAAAAAYYYYYY! Thank you! Not to be greedy, but can we now please please PLEASE have said coupon auto applied to the cart? Pretty please?