Woocommerce feed only showing Started Cart ?

  • 15 June 2021
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Hi, new to Klaviyo even though we have been setup for a year.  Woocommerce integration appears to show customers and subscribers, however only “Started Checkout” events are being shown.  We have no data on placed orders or any of the other events. Have tried looking for a solution, so any help is appreciated.




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2 replies

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@Ross.L Hey Ross, have a look at the integration’s page in Klaviyo. Is there a green bar at the bottom of the WooCommerce integration page or any information about events having synced recently there?


It may have just been that your historical sync was paused when you last checked but if it fails you should get an in-app notification that it has stopped.

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Hi Jallain, thanks for the reply.  There was a green bar at the side of the woocommerce intergration when I opened the tab, once that expanded there was nothing at the bottom, however I selected the “re-import historical data” and everything is now loading. 

Thanks for the assistance.