Auto Tagging Customers in Shopify based on Segment in Klaviyo

  • 20 September 2023
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Hi, we have some auto generated segments in Klaviyo and wanted to add specific tags in Shopify if a customer email existed in a Klaviyo segment. Is there anyway to have this completly automated in which customer tags in Shopify are automatically added or removed based on if they enter or exit a segment in Klaviyo?

As an example, if a customer exists in a Klaviyo segment named “VIP - Tier 2”, we would want to have tags automatically appear in Shopify in their customer profile of “VIP” and “VIP - Tier 2”. Is this at all possible without manually exporting a csv and importing it into Shopify?


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Hey @Madhappy 

Welcome to the Klaviyo community and congrats on your first post!

Some Klaviyo data can be synced with Shopify.  Make sure you have this setup before continuing. One of those pieces of data that can be synced are custom profile properties. You can create a segment triggered flow and then add an update profile property that will add a specific custom property that will help you identify what segement they belong to. This will automate the process for you anytime a profile is added to the segment. 

Hope this helps!