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  • 14 September 2021
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My brand has started running a multi national business and we’re looking to migrate some of our existing customers in our list to a different account under one email address. And during exporting the customer’s information to be migrated, there’s so many metrics to choose from and we’re not entirely sure what’s the best practice to migrate customer’s information fully into another account. 


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2 replies

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Congrats on the growth of your business, that’s exciting going multi-national. 


To get a better understanding, are you migrating from one Klaviyo account to another one? 


I wouldn’t say there’s a general best practice on what information to migrate (First name, last name, email - for sure!).  However, I’d look at what information is important to your business? Did you collect custom properties? Will the new list have the same properties as the old one?

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Hi @crystalsq


Welcome to the Community! I echo the congrats on this huge business milestone! 


As @Mailbox Manny mentioned, there isn’t really a best practice here, but ensuring that you are transferring all the user information you have already gathered in your previous account, while also adding any Custom Properties would like to manually add in this new list upload. To be clear, there are two kinds of Properties attached to your customers’ profiles: Klaviyo and Custom Properties. Klaviyo properties are those previously mentioned, first name, last name, email, address etc. Those default properties found in your customer’s profile that should be included in the transfer. Custom properties are all the extra information you can add into a profile that you gather through asking customers themselves or adding them into your account. I would include all Custom Properties you’ve gathered on your profiles if you have already done so and think about manually adding any other custom properties you want to include that might be helpful in the transition. 


It’s important to note that when exporting Klaviyo Properties in a file, many of them are identified by a dollar sign ($) prefix. This dollar sign prefix is not necessary to add to your CSV when uploading the same properties into Klaviyo as you will be prompted to map the upload with the property of your choice.


I would suggest looking into this Help Center Article on How To Create and Add Contact to a New List  if you haven’t already done so to ensure everything is formatted correctly. I would also recommend taking the Klaviyo Academy course, Running a Multinational Business, to help better equip you to hit the ground running with this transition! 


Thanks for being a part of the Community and we wish you well on this expansion!