How to exclude 0 to 0.01€ orders from being considered as purchases?

  • 7 September 2023
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On my company’s website, it’s possible to order a sample of our product for free and on Shopify these sample requests show as orders.

I want to set up a segment for repeat buyers, but I don’t know how I can exclude sample orders from being considered as orders and only count the clients who ordered real products. Even if I add the filter of order product value as greater than 1 + placed order is greater than 1, the segment will still count the sample orders as “real orders” and clients who just ordered a sample and another product will be considered as repeat buyers.


How should I proceed?


Thank you.


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Hi @mcmm does the free product have a different SKU than the full price version? If it has a different SKU, you could separate the true repeat purchasers from customers who ordered the free sample by excluding “ordered product” with SKU = XX

This Klaviyo Community question talks about the difference between Placed Order and Ordered Product metrics

You could also tag these orders in Shopify, and then create a segment to exclude subscribers who have that Shopify tag attached to their profile. Any other ideas @In the Inbox @Spark Bridge Digital LLC @retention @Omar @Ashley I. @Brett_Gatsby 


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Hi @mcmm 

Similar to @KatherineB recommendation above, do you have your samples saved under a specific Shopify Collection? 

In Klaviyo, you can set up you flows and configure them with a trigger/flow filter such that if the placed order includes that specific product collection, the flow will not fire. 

That might be another approach to removing those specific orders from your repeat purchase flow.


@In the Inbox 


Thank you both! I think we managed to solve the problem by using a filter on “Placed order” with “where collections contains” and adding all the products except the free ones. Would this approach work?


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Hi @mcmm 

Yes, that would work! Rather than exclude the one collection for free products, you are setting up the flow to allow full-priced items.

If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate to let us know!


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