How to export full report for customers include what he purchase!

  • 21 August 2022
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Hello, Im trying to export reports from the website, The report should include customers details, and what they purchase and purchase history.


more then that im trying to export Products views as well but i wanna know who looked at this products and not just the views or click and so on.

basically i want full reports in CSV but couldn't fint any segment or list to match what i want, i even tried API and thats limited as well….


someone knows how to do so?


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2 replies

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@HeziCo this is not something you can export from the Klaviyo interface AFAIK. But connecting an external reporting tool through the API and running custom reports might help you here or maybe a tool like can help?


Omar Lovert

Polaris Growth

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thank you im checking it right now, i schedule appointment hope its will be what i need