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  • 24 January 2024
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I sell on multiple e-commerce platforms, eBay, Etsy, Shopify & Meta (FB & Instagram), while also holding events on Eventbrite.

I've a plugin set on Shopify to pull orders in from Etsy & eBay and eventually from Amazon. I need this obviously for stock control etc.. however if someone buys on say eBay they get added to my customer list in Shopify. Which is fine, however they then populate over to Klaviyo! 

Is there anyway to set something up in Klaviyo to limit the data/customers it inherits? 

Example, Shopify tags the customer, eBay. Can I stop kylavio pulling in them customers and making my customer list grow on Klaviyo even though they never subscribed?

All I need is anyone who's ordered on my site (Shopify, if they agree), anyone who's filled in an email marketing form (full page & pop up) and anyone who signs up for an event on Eventbrite (which I manage manually due to GDPR).

I hope this makes some sense to someone




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Heyo, @Urban Bloom Creative! I can definitely shed some light here. 


Any profiles added to Shopify will automatically sync into Klaviyo regardless of subscribing to marketing because it captures all Shopify events. While it isn’t possible to prevent the profiles from being added into Klaviyo upfront, you can address this afterwards to keep your active profile count down. Create a segment with the profile properties you want to suppress (such as an Ebay tag ) and bulk suppress them periodically. Don’t worry though, if your customers ever do opt-in to receive marketing content from you they’ll be unsuppressed. 


Hope that helps! 


Thank you for your help 👍