Segment/List & Sync Issues between Shopify and Shopify POS

  • 21 September 2022
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Hello everyone, 


I’m hoping i can find some guidance/advice on the issues I am having with my Klaviyo & Shopify. 


I’ve been in business for almost a year now but I am now just finally starting to collect more e-mails to gain more traction and revenue both online and in-store. I use Shopify for both my website and POS. 


I installed Klaviyo a number of months ago and played with it a little and gave up - I’m more eager than ever now to get in on email marketing but I’ve definitely made a mess out of things when it comes to my lists, segments, customers etc… 


Because I use POS through Shopify I find that those customers do not get added or e-mailed with any flows when I did have everything running (flows & campaigns) I’ve also found it hard to get the segments to work properly as currently I have customers who’ve been subscribed and shopping through my business for numerous months but have ended up in new subscribers… 


I kind of wish there was just a huge reset button to wipe the account out and just start over from scratch again to get better organized… 

Is there such thing or can anyone give guidance into what I am trying to write lol… 


I like to make simple things harder than they need to…


thank you in advanced. 



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Hello @S. Fisk,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

Although I can think of several means to “reset” your account, I don’t know if it would be something I would recommend without some consideration. For starters, if you don’t already have something in mind or a clear idea or understanding of how the information is being synced to Klaviyo, chances are you’ll end up in the same situation. Along the same train of thought, starting from scratch, could cause you to lose some important data points that have already been collected in help determining if your contacts/profiles are engaged or unengaged

In my experience, accidents in an account can oftentimes be repaired. For example, did you happen to change your mind on how you wanted your lists to be setup in your account? That can easily fixed by either using segmentation or a manual export and import. Like anything else, you have to put some work into making things successful. Essentially, what I’m saying is, some things may take time and some manual work, but accidents you make can often times be repaired. 

In the event you did want to start fresh, in my opinion, the easiest way would be to disconnect/remove your existing integration and cancelling your Klaviyo account. Then, you can simply create a new Klaviyo account and integrate it with your Shopify store again. 

Since both your website and POS are sharing the same Shopify backend, contacts who have made a purchase or subscribed to your newsletter list from either medium should be synced to Klaviyo. In turn, this would allow you to have automated flows triggered based on the actions of these customers and enable you to group these customers in either a list or segment to send campaigns to. 

If you haven’t already, I would encourage you to take a look at some of our Getting Started guides within our Help Center article along with our Getting Started with Klaviyo Academy course. I think these resources - along with other discussions within the Community - would be helpful in learning more about how your Shopify data is synced to Klaviyo.

If you need more hands on assistance, I would also recommend reaching out to some of our wonderfully helpful Klaviyo Partners who can further audit and provide strategic guidance for your account. 

I’ve also included some Community discussions pertaining to Shopify POS that I’ve found helpful myself:

I hope this helps!


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Hi @S. Fisk unless you made a big mess in Klaviyo my suggestion would also be to not completely erase your account.


Try to use segments to find who signed up to receive emails (through shopify). Export end import them in the newsletyter list.


Hope that helps 


Omar Lovert // Polaris Growth // Klaviyo Master Platinum Partner

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Thank you for replies @Omar and @David To, I really appreciate it! 

I’ve so far been able to repair my segment’s and list’s thankfully, however, I am still having issues with my Welcome Series Flow when I add a customer through my Shopify POS. This is where the bulk of my customers are signing up through when they make a purchase. 


I got help from a support rep and they had mentioned that this could be caused from the double opt-in feature turned on and might better to use the single opt-in - so I have since changed that to single but I will have to wait until someone signs up through the POS. 


When they are added through the POS they do now also end up in the proper segments (Master and Newsletter) however it seems to take until the next day - which is fine, but it still won’t trigger the welcome series flow once Kalviyo picks up on their profile. 


If I can just get that fixed, then everything would be smooth sailing from there. I did get notified from the support rep who subscribed to my newsletter via website, had the welcome e-mail go directly to their spam inbox rather than their inbox but they are (hopefully) going in to make those adjustments themselves. 

I am not the greatest when it comes to admin and back-end features, I fear I’ll make more of a mess than I’d like too.