Shopify Not Integrating - Why isn't Double Opt-In Adding to List?

  • 28 October 2020
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 I have brand new Shopify store that is set to launch in a couple of weeks and I am really struggling with the Klaviyo integration. I have been following the step by step onboarding checklist and have been stuck in Phase 1 all week. I'm ready to pull my  hair out!

I've successfully completed the integration but things seem to only be working intermittently or not at all. I am using the Impulse them on my store and have added the necessary code to the liquid files for my pop up and footer newsletter subscription (part of the theme). I also have double opt in enabled on the Shopify side. When I subscribe to the newsletter in either location with my wagandwonder domain email addresses everything seems to process correctly for the most part. The only issue here is that I get 2 confirmation emails, one from Shopify and one from Klaviyo. When I accept both of these, the profile is successfully added in Klaviyo and the users also appear under the newsletter list. When I disable double opt in on the Shopify side I get no confirmation emails at all and the users do not get added to a list but they do get added as a profile.

The other part of this problem I have noticed here is that when I use one of my gmail accounts to subscribe, double opt in enabled on Shopify, I only get one confirmation email from Shopify, not the additional email from Klaviyo (I have checked spam for it too). Because I only get the one confirmation email (from Shopify), the profile is added but the user does not get added to the list. 

The second issue I am having is with the tracking. The Active on Site tracking seems to be working intermittently as well. The Viewed Product tracking isn’t working at all. I've also installed Add to Cart tracking but have no clue if that is working.

I am at a loss on how to proceed but feel like I need to resolve these basic issues before moving forward. I have been following the Klaviyo Onboarding Checklist step by step, watching all videos and ready all content and it doesn’t help. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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@wagandwonder  Hi Karissa! Great to meet you and thank you for being a part of our Klaviyo Community! 

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing some difficulties with the Shopify/Klaviyo integration - please don’t pull your hair out! Let’s try and break this down into a few steps here… 

To start, when using the Klaviyo sign-up forms, double opt-in is a default setting. If you are using a Klaviyo signup form, customers will double opt in through Klaviyo, and if you are using Shopify, customers will double opt in through Shopify. You can disable double opt-in from Klaviyo by upgrading to a paid account; simply reach out to us here if you’d like to do that. On the Shopify side, you can disable Double Opt in by going to your Shopify account in Settings > Notifications, scroll down to Email Marketing, and untick the double opt-in option.​ (As shown in the screenshot below.)

If you have customers opting into a form on Shopify, you can follow the instructions in this guide to redirect to a Klaviyo list: Redirecting a Custom Form to Klaviyo

Additionally, I see that the Wag and Wonder page is not launched publicly yet and is password protected. I would recommend taking a look at this article on how to get your subscribers added to a list from a password protected landing page. 

Take a look and see if any of these updates help you pass subscribers into your appropriate list. If you’re doing another test, I recommend testing with a “new” email, for example and add a "+test" so that its “youremailhere+test” - this way, Shopify wont reference a previously stored email address. 

Regarding the tracking portion - when you say it’s working intermittently, do you mean that specifically, sometimes Active on Site is appearing but not always? It’s possible that if you’re testing the Add to Cart feature, it’s not showing your activity because the Added to Cart event is only tracked for users previously cookied by Klaviyo. Can you provide some more details on how the Viewed Product tracking isn’t working for you? I know you mentioned that you were following all of the setting up guides, but just to confirm, I want to make sure that you’ve also added all of the Viewed Product snippet to all of your product pages? You can find the details for this exact step here

Thanks Karissa! 

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I'm expecting a similar problem. I spend the whole day setting up different flows, and now I can't get the opt-in settings to work nicely. I'm using Shopify and have the double opt-in activated.


My goal is: If someone signs up for my Newsletter he should get 1 email to confirm the registration, and then the welcome series should start.


My settings:

Klaviyo integration page:

  • Activated "Subscribe customers who Accept Marketing to a Klaviyo list. " 
  • Activated "Automatically add Klaviyo onsite javascript (recommended)”

I also integrated the code snipped from "Setup Web Tracking" to the product.liquid.


But currently, I'm getting two opt-in confirmation emails.

  • Sign-up for a newsletter on my shop
  • One Email from Shopify to confirm sign-up for Newsletter
  • I click confirm and get after this one Email from Klaviyo to confirm sign-up for Newsletter.
  • I confirm again, and now the "Welcome Series" flow starts

I don't have enough experience to include a Klaviyo sign-up form on my theme (Debutify) as it has the newsletter sign-up integrated with different ways, and I'm scared to mess it up. 


My questions:

  • So if I understand correctly, there is no way to disable the Klaviyo opt-in email if I'm not going for a paid plan? 
  • I tried to disable "Subscribe customers who Accept Marketing to a Klaviyo list.", but then the profile is only imported into Klaviyo but not added to the Newsletter list.
  • If the profile is not added to a list when customers sign up for a newsletter, can other Flows (e.g., abandoned cart) still work?

Thank you!


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@bluecat Hi Blue, 

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on your questions above. 
1. Single Opt-in is a Paid plan feature, so in order to disable Double Opt-in, you would have to upgrade the account. 
2. I may recommend that if you are hesitant to create a Klaviyo signup form on your Debutify theme, perhaps the other best alternative is to import the subscribers. Another post in the Community talks a little more about this. 
3. Even if a profile is not added to your subscribed list, other properties can still trigger a flow: 

You can see more specific examples of Flows in this Create a New Flow section of the Getting Started with Flows guide.

Hope that’s helpful!