Uploading new customers via csv to list - consent status question

  • 2 March 2022
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I’m uploading new customers daily from a website that isn’t integrated with Klaviyo. I can do this fine however I’m confused about the consent status.

If the customer opts-in to marketing when they purchase I update the consent column to “email” 

What do I update the consent field to if they opt-out of marketing?

I tried an empty field but this doesn’t put them on the suppressed list which I assume it should?




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4 replies

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Hi @jh999 

Thanks for your question. Klaviyo is profile-centric regardless of subscription status (consented to receive email), which allows you to use Klaviyo as a CRM to understand transaction history and other data points about your customers even if they are not consented to receive email, these would be your non-subscribed contacts. However, these contacts can still receive emails, commonly triggered emails list Cart Abandon or Browse Abandon (if you have that enabled and setup), but since they have not specifically opted in, you would want to message them cautiously. 

If you prefer to suppress contacts from receiving any messages in the future, then you will want to upload them directly to the suppression file. 

To do that, you would navigate to the Profiles section (“Profiles” is found in the left-hand navigation), then click on Suppressed Profiles in the upper right-corner of the Profile screen. 

When you’re on the suppression list you can either add an email address individually or upload a CSV file to upload a bulk list of contacts. 

Checkout Klaviyo’s Guide to the Suppression List as its a really helpful resource:

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions. 

@In the Inbox 

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@In the Inbox thanks for the explanation. Presumably a customer that is on the suppression list still receive “Order shipped” emails?

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Hi @jh999 

Great question. In order to still send order notification emails from Klaviyo when a customer is on your suppression list, the emails need to be sent via a flow and you need to have Klaviyo Support mark them as transactional. 

To get a message marked as transactional, I’ve always reached out to Support with the link to the message in the flow. 

Support essentially reviews the message to ensure that the content does not include any marketing/promotional message and once verified, they will tag the message as transactional. You will see a “Transactional” tag next to the flow as well as a the following icon in the message step:



Message Step

Once a message has been marked as a transactional message, it will bypass the suppression list to send these messages to all contacts (Active or Suppressed).

I hope that helps!

@In the Inbox 

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Thank you! That’s very helpful.