Recap discussion: [Interactive workshop] Build your Cyber Weekend audiences (small/medium businesses)

  • 12 October 2022
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Let’s keep the conversation going from the Build you Cyber Weekend audiences workshop for small/medium-sized businesses! This is a collaborative space to post any related questions or comments about your Cyber Weekend segments.

During this session, we:

  • built 3 essential segments to include in your Cyber Weekend sending strategy

  • built 1 segment to exclude from your Cyber Weekend sending strategy

  • discussed how to apply any of your segmenting personas to SMS

Key takeaways from the training: 

  1. Strategically send marketing communication to your VIPs, bargain hunters, and window shopping audiences around Cyber Weekend.

  2. Exclude any customers that purchase on Black Friday through Cyber Monday from your Cyber Weekend emails to optimize overall customer experience.

  3. Add the “Consent to receive SMS” condition to any segment to identify your SMS personas.

Additional resources:

Comment below any questions or let us know if you’ve had success sending to other audiences not covered in today’s training.


2 replies

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Hi there, Thank you for the training. Some great refreshers on segments.  You touched on testing campaigns with and without the Apple Privacy filter. This question is a followup to this conversation.

I tested sending a campaign with and without the Apple Privacy filter and it seems when I remove the Apple privacy condition, there are a far bit more active people on my website but can you confirm what metrics specifically I should look at to confirm which might be best for me to do?  

First, is it possible to do an A/B test on this condition? Don’t think so but comparing the results of different campaigns is not ideal. 

Second, with an L30 list with 1800 vs L30 (no Apple Privacy filter) of 3300, I am thinking this is a big difference and worth testing. Do you agree? 

Engagement Report for L30 (no Apple Privacy filter) Overall Opens 99%, Click Rate 6.9%

Engagement Report for L30 with filter: Overall Opens 88%, Click Rate 9.4%



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@jjaworsky Hi Jan!! I am so sorry I am just getting to your message but thank you so much for attending our session. 

In regard to your questions above, I love that you are trying out the Apple privacy filter! I would recommend continuing to monitor your overall deliverability metrics and if performance still looks healthy for NOT excluding machine opens then it's ok to continue to send to that audience without the Apple privacy filter.