Recap discussion: [Interactive workshop] Enable SMS in Klaviyo (North America)

  • 27 September 2022
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Let’s keep the conversation going from the Enabling SMS workshop! This is a collaborative space to post any related questions or comments about using SMS at Klaviyo.


During the session we:

  • went over SMS consent and why it so important

  • enabled SMS in our accounts

  • created a signup form to start collecting SMS subscribers

  • built our SMS welcome series flow

Key takeaways:

  1. Start capturing SMS consent with a from and at checkout

  2. Turn on your SMS welcome flow

Want to learn more?

Need additional help?

We hope to see you in a future session!

Happy sending :)

7 replies

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Help please! I’m trying to set up my SMS for free, but what I find in Klaviyo doesn’t match the training.


Furthermore, when I click “Next” after filling out this form, it just reloads to a blank version of this form. I’m not able to get a toll free number. When I check my SMS status in my account, I’m still not signed up.


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Hi @Bike Pretty,

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Please note that your website must be live in order to be approved for verification. A key part of verification is checking that the business is active and not a scam. If you haven't already, make sure to set your website live. You can read more about SMS verification with Klaviyo here.

If you’re still having trouble accessing SMS, please contact our support team for further assistance. They will help verify your information and get you on the right track.

Thanks for being a community member. 

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lol, pretty sure my website has been live for the past 9 years, but thanks for that 🤣

Turns out it was a Klaviyo problem all along though. A few hours after I posted I received an email (from Klaviyo) that read “

SMS Activation is available again!
Earlier today, we experienced an issue which prevented customers from completing activation of SMS. That issue has since been resolved. You may now complete activation of your SMS account by navigating to sms settings. Thank you for your patience!

@Emily Shea @julie.accardo loved the session from today! Just finished the recording. Got a couple of questions, although they might be quite straightforward. 

  1. Is there any way to use dynamic coupon codes with SMS?
  2. You walked through an SMS flow for the welcome series, are there any other flows you would recommend using? I am thinking more in the context of A/B testing email and SMS within the flow. 

Thanks in advance! 

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Hi @Levi1129! So glad this session was helpful for you. Thank you for watching! 

I’ve answered your questions below: 

Is there any way to use dynamic coupon codes with SMS?

Yes, absolutely. This help center article walks through how to send one-time use coupons to your SMS subscribers. The process for creating coupon codes for SMS is the same as email, so it will be dependent upon your ecommerce provider. 

You walked through an SMS flow for the welcome series, are there any other flows you would recommend using? I am thinking more in the context of A/B testing email and SMS within the flow. 

Definitely! While we recommend creating a separate SMS and email welcome series flow, for most other flows, SMS and email can be combined to complement one another and create a really customer-first experience; you can really meet customers where they’re at by adding conditional splits and creating pathways for SMS subscribers. You can see some general best practices for using email and SMS together in this help center article. I would also recommend checking out this Academy course all about SMS strategy. This is a series of pre-recorded videos that you can watch at any time, and they will guide you through beginners, intermediate, and advanced SMS strategies.  

In the flows library in your Klaviyo account, you can filter to see flows that use both email and SMS, and you can use these as your base templates to help you get started. Some specific suggestions: you can really effectively combine these channels for your browse abandonment flow, abandoned cart flow, a winback flow, or a post-purchase flow. Post-purchase flows can look like any number of things; a message to simply say thank you, messages providing additional product education, or messages requesting reviews or social proof. As an example, you can start off with a message via email; if someone does not open that email within a certain period of time, you can then send a follow-up SMS to anyone that has consented to receive SMS.

I hope this is helpful! Please let us know if there are any other questions we can assist with. Hope to see you in another live training again soon! 


Right now I have a multistep signup form that is a popup on my website. I just added SMS to it after this workshop. I am unsure what the best practice is in regards to unique Shopify codes being added to SMS. Right now at the end of the popup, the customer gets a unique Shopify code for 15% off so that they can use it right away. In my SMS, should I:

  • draw upon the same set of unique 15% off codes that I created for Shopify in Klaviyo so the person also receives a text with a unique 15% off code? (However, this would technically be a different unique code, though also for 15% off, so the person would actually be receiving TWO unique 15% off codes, correct?) From what I can tell, I don’t think I can put the same unique code at the end of the pop up AND in the SMS welcome flow, correct? This might actually be my main question here as I am figuring this out...
  • as a workaround, I could create a link in shopify that automatically adds a standard 15% off discount and use that in the SMS welcome flow? Then, I could set up a conditional trigger that if the person has not purchased in two days, they receive a reminder with the link? 

Thanks again for a great workshop!!!!


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Hey @annmm,

I think you’re on the right track and either options would work for you! 

Assuming the multi-step form and unique coupon code is built using Klaviyo, you can actually provide the same unique code in an email or SMS without creating a net new unique code to your subscribers. So long as the code has not expired yet, using the same coupon variable will pull up the same unique discount code generated. 

We mention this in our How to create unique coupon codes for Shopify Help Center article. Plus, we also have some previous Community posts on this topic which I’ve included below:

I hope this helps!