Recap discussion: [Strategy session] BFCM offer and promotion strategy (for APAC business owners)

  • 26 September 2023
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In this session, we covered: 

  1. 2022 BFCM data and trends 
  2. Traditional discounting strategies and examples 
  3. Discounting alternatives and examples from brands like Death Wish Coffee and Caden Lane 
  4. Sample customer segments and relevant campaigns 
  5. Bonus: A BFCM calendar

You can watch the replay of this training below: 

While this training focused primarily on the above, we understand you may need some additional help executing on these ideas. Here are some additional resources to help you along the journey!

Want to learn more?

Additional help center resources:

Feel free to comment below with any thoughts, questions, or ideas. 

We hope this session has left you feeling inspired to have your best BFCM yet! 

Happy sending! 

2 replies

I can’t access the BFCM calendar link

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Hello @Kath,

Thanks for pointing out the inaccessible link to the BFCM calendar

I’ve gone ahead and updated it so you should be able to get to the right page now. 

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!