Creating Virtual Shopping Experiences for Brick and Mortar Businesses

  • 19 November 2020
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With all that has changed this year, how have you had to pivot your brick and mortar store for the holidays? If your physical and online stores are open on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, or you’re 100% online, you can still delight your customers with exciting experiences to make their holiday shopping merry and bright! Here are three tips to create these experiences virtually so that your customers get some of that holiday shopping magic from home:


  1. Let your customers know if you’re open on Black Friday and update them on how you’ll be following COVID19 guidelines.

Unlock the power of segmentation in Klaviyo by creating location-based segments to send these emails to. As different states have different guidelines, you’ll want to tailor each email to your local audience and let them know what they can expect shopping in-store with you this season. Learn how to set up location-based and other key segments for the holiday here


  1. Create buying guides.

Push your customers to take a holiday shopping quiz with a Klaviyo form. Then use their responses to trigger a flow that sends them a personalized gift guide to help make online shopping even easier! These guides can also be used to limit their time spent shopping in-store by promoting purchase bundles so that you don’t need to worry about crowds during the pandemic. Plus bundles have the added advantage of increasing average order value during the holidays! See how to leverage Klaviyo forms to trigger a buying guide flow in this resource.


  1. Recreate the in-store experience online with forms.

If Black Friday will be exclusively online for your brand this year, leverage Klaviyo forms to target people at different points in their shopping journey! You can use segments or URL targeting to make these forms extra personalized. 


With these tips, you’ll be prepared to make this year’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday experience one that’s filled with holiday cheer! For more details on how to execute these strategies and more, checkout the full guide hereWhat strategies are you implementing to drive more sales for Black Friday Cyber Monday?

4 replies

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