January Shoutouts: Check out a Hot Tip about Custom Reports in Klaviyo!

  • 12 January 2022
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January Shoutouts: Check out a Hot Tip about Custom Reports in Klaviyo!
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Happy New Year Community! Let’s get started with our first edition of Community Shoutouts for 2022! :confetti_ball:


Our mission is to nurture an inclusive platform for inspiration, strategic advice, and meaningful collaboration. What makes our Community special is the ability for our users to engage in peer-to-peer support and offer solutions or best practices to others looking for answers or advice. 


We want to celebrate and give a Community Shoutout to users who are embodying this collaborative and helpful spirit by going out of their way to offer guidance to others in our community! 


A big thanks to these users: 

  • @sourabh
  • @Tomb
  • @Samantha
  • @nzRick
  • @jennym
  • @siddhantmehandru


:fire: Hot Tip :fire: : @siddhantmehandru shared why building Custom Reports in Klaviyo could be advantageous for your business strategy. Thanks for going out of your way to share this tip with the Community! 


Check out this conversation they started to learn more!  


 :loudspeaker: Question to the Community :loudspeaker: : What advice do you have to share with others about running reports in Klaviyo? What reports have you made that have positively impacted your business? 




Check out our New Year Video from the team and hear exciting announcements for what we have planned for 2022!



4 replies

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Thanks for the mention @Taylor Tarpley :slight_smile:

Looking forward to growing with the community here :rocket:

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I think the reports “flow revenue by month” and “campaign revenue by month” are super valuable when timeframe “sent in last 365 days” by “month” is selected.


They are quick to run at the end of each month (saving me a lot of time from the traditional “sorting through email data CSVs”), and they are easily readable overviews of each month that can be quickly shared with clients.


SMS stats can also be added to these reports by adding them in the “Standard Flow Metrics” dropdown menu. My favorites are SMS click rate, SMS failed delivery rate, and SMS unsubscribe rate.


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Hi @Travis


This is incredible advice! Really appreciate you sharing your strategy with us and also breaking down exactly what your reports look like step-by-step with screenshots so our users can know exactly how to configure something similar in the future! 


We also might have some more interactive SMS content making its way to the Community soon so keep your eyes peeled :eyes:



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Thank you for the mention @Taylor Tarpley:heart_eyes:

Would try and participate in conversations more actively.