Klaviyo-hosted fonts alternative to Google Fonts

  • 25 April 2023
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Klaviyo-hosted fonts alternative to Google Fonts
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At Klaviyo, we strive to set our customers up for success with best practices and options, such as the fonts you use on your website. Currently, Klaviyo offers several Google Fonts to use in sign-up forms, consent pages, and emails. Google Fonts is a web font service hosted by Google that offers an API to collect font requests from users, fetch the files from its servers, and deliver them to the end users to produce fonts. In this process, Google’s server needs the receiver’s IP address to deliver the fonts.


According to the GDPR, an IP address qualifies as personal information, which can be used to identify the user. Note that by including Google Fonts in your font library, you are deemed to be using Google Fonts.


As an alternative, we are providing a selection of fonts hosted in Klaviyo to use in your sign-up forms, consent pages, and emails. 


If you are an existing customer, and do not wish to use Google Fonts, please follow the steps outlined below to update the fonts in your sign-up forms to Klaviyo-hosted fonts, and remove Google Fonts from your font library.  


For any new customers who joined on or after this date, you will not have Google Fonts automatically loaded in your font library. 


What changes are being made? 


Going forward we will provide clear messaging in the Google Fonts tab of the fonts library noting that Google Fonts are hosted by Google. We will also provide instructions to easily import and use Klaviyo-hosted fonts. These instructions are outlined below. 


When will these changes take place?


On April 24, 2023, all of our pre-built templates in the form library will be updated to use Klaviyo-hosted fonts or web-safe fonts by default. Note that our email and consent pages templates already use web-safe fonts by default. You will also be able to import these Klaviyo-hosted fonts and use them in emails, consent pages, and sign-up forms from this date. 


For existing customers, note that we will not remove Google Fonts from your Klaviyo account for you, or auto-swap Google Fonts for Klaviyo-hosted font equivalents. You will need to follow the instructions below to remove Google Fonts from your account and then import Klaviyo’s alternative fonts to manually replace the fonts in your existing content.


How do I remove the Google Fonts from my account?


If you are an existing customer who would like to stop using Google Fonts in your Klaviyo forms, emails, and consent pages, you can remove all Google Fonts from your account by following these instructions:


  1. Navigate to Content > Images & brand > Fonts.

  2. Under Your Fonts, click the 3-dots on the font that you wish to delete.

  3. Click Delete to remove the font from your account.


Note that any sign-up forms and emails that previously used Google Fonts will fallback to web-safe fonts when you delete Google Fonts from your font library. You can update these fonts to Klaviyo-hosted font equivalents from the sign-up form builder and email editor.


How do I import Klaviyo-hosted custom fonts to use in my content?


You can update existing sign-forms to use Klaviyo-hosted GDPR-compliant fonts, or build a new form or email that uses these alternative fonts by following these steps: 


  1. Navigate to Content > Images & brand > Fonts.

  2. Select Import Font.

  3. Choose the alternative font that you would like to import from this list of Klaviyo-hosted fonts. 

  4. Fill in the font variant’s details (i.e., Font name, Weight, Style). 

  5. Copy the font’s URL from the list and paste it in the Source Address field.

  6. If your chosen font offers multiple variants, click Add font variant for however many variants you want to add to your account, then fill in the details and corresponding URL for each one.


  7. Select a fallback font.

  8. Click Add Font.


Following this process will add the font to Your Fonts section, as well as to the fonts dropdown list in the Klaviyo editors. To update the font in any of your existing content:


  1. In the editor, click on the text that you want to change in your form or email.

  2. Highlight the text in the Text menu that you want to change the font for.

  3. Click the font dropdown and select the new Klaviyo-hosted font to switch it in the preview. 

  4. Once you’re finished designing your form or email, click Publish Changes.


Repeat this process across all of your Klaviyo content that previously used Google Fonts, or wherever you wish to update the font being used. 

Can I still choose to use Google Fonts? 


We will not remove Google Fonts as an option from the font library so that customers that wish to use Google Fonts can do so freely. 


If you choose to use Google fonts, for GDPR purposes, please note that Google Fonts are hosted by Google. By including a Google font into your font library, you are using the Google font. If you do not wish to use Google Fonts, do not add them and remove them from your font library. Klaviyo has a selection of custom fonts that we use in our templates available for you to easily import and use. View the list of Klaviyo-hosted custom fonts.


Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns? 

Feel free to start a conversation with us in the Community or reach out to our Support team.


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@Taylor Tarpley Is there a way to know which of our Fonts are Google Fonts? 

For example, I see this in the Brand Fonts tab:

The same selection of 6 fonts is listed for the Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts, and Import Fonts tabs. How can I best to know which, if any, of these are Google Fonts?


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Hi @Ashley I. ,
Thanks for your question! The selection listed under Your Fonts represents all of the fonts in your account. If there is a font listed that you did not manually add to your account, then it is likely a Google Font. Going forward, new accounts will not have Google Fonts automatically added in their font library.

If you wish to remove Google Fonts from your account, follow the instructions outlined above to delete Google Fonts and import Klaviyo-hosted fonts. Please note that when you remove Google Fonts any content that was using them will be replaced by the respective fallback font. You will need to manually update your existing content to use the new Klaviyo-hosted fonts instead of the fallback fonts. I hope this helps!

Hi! I´d Like to add alternatives to my regular font for my Newsletters. I am trying to import Montserrat bold, semibold, medium etc. but I cant add it becuase “A Font with that name already exists”. Any tips?