Garrett From Splash Raising a Glass to You!

  • 8 December 2020
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Hi Community! 

This is Garrett Imeson, the Chief Marketing Officer and one of the founding partners of Splash. I’d like to start by saying thanks to the entire Klaviyo team for allowing me to participate in the Klaviyo Holiday Show. It has already been a fantastic experience and Klaviyo has done an absolutely amazing job of making the most out of our gathering limitations here in 2020. I’ve been honored to be a part of the whole experience.

As a bit of background, Splash is a US direct-to-consumer online wine company, founded as a family-owned and operated business. We focused on using our generational experience in the wine industry to make the experience of buying wine online consumer focused and friendly. We do this by offering incredible wines at industry-leading prices (we take a maximum of a 15% markup on wines) and pairing it with fanatical customer service, leading us to becoming the most and best reviewed online wine company in the country via TrustPilot.

2020 saw us undergo massive changes, including hiring our largest Customer Service team ever, instituting new internal systems to improve efficiency and customer experience as well as delve further into automations to improve our communications with customers.

What changes did your business see in 2020, and how will they help your business grow and evolve into 2021?

2 replies

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Thank you for participating Garret! It was great to hear your story along with our other customers. The holiday show was a lot of fun and ideally helped generate some ideas for everyone attending. 

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Hi @SplashGarrett! So cool to learn more about Splash, and to hear how you and your team had to pivot your operations to accommodate the rise in demand in 2020. Also really loved how you focused on flows for a new referral program to drive more awareness to your brand.

For folks who didn’t get to tune in to the Holiday Show last week, you can see Garrett’s (and many other business owners) video on-demand here: