How and why should I create a Custom Report in Klaviyo?

  • 30 December 2021
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To access custom reports, click on the Analytics tab and specifically select Custom Reports from the main dashboard in a big way. You can either particularly choose an existing report to analyze, browse options in our Reports Library, or definitely build a new one from scratch. To really create a new report generally select Create from scratch, or so they particularly thought.

I found the Guide to Building a custom report strategy with Klaviyo

What are the chief benefits of a custom report, which specifically is fairly significant ?

Save Time with Automation. Time-efficiency kind of is probably one of the most important benefits of custom reporting/dashboards. Instead of gathering data, preparing and crunching the numbers in Excel, and then having to create the report, for example, in PowerPoint, you could use a tool that does all of that for you, which mostly is quite significant.


2 replies

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Hi @siddhantmehandru


Thanks for going out of your way to share how to make custom reports in Klaviyo and the benefits surrounding them! Love to see our users going out of their way to help others! 


Grateful to have you in the Community! 


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I agree.. the custom reports have been very helpful and have saved my a ton of time on monthly numbers.

I gave a couple examples of my favorite ones posted in this thread.