🎙️Klaviyo Growth Podcast ft. Ezra Firestone

  • 20 January 2021
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Ezra Firestone, eCommerce expert, Shopify Compass instructor, and CEO/Founder of BOOM! By Cindy JosephSmartMarketer, and Zipify joins us to share insights on repeat customer revenue, Spinwheel vs. no Spinwheel, Subscription models, List engagement, managing your unengaged contacts and much more.

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BOOM! generates 45%+ of it's email revenue from repeat customers. One of the main flows that helps with this is the "2x Buyer Flow" which is designed just to get someone to that second purchase through additional discounting. This repeat customer revenue eliminates the need for a subscription model, but Ezra points out that generally one shouldn't push someone towards a subscription until the second purchase. 

List health is another big focus for Ezra and his team and he goes in depth about how they never actually delete contacts from their Klaviyo portal, they simply rotate lists and content to make sure they're delivering the right message to those that are unengaged. 

There's a lot of very good advice from Ezra, make sure you listen and let us know what you think!
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@Taylor Clark  thank you for sharing