"An error occured when submitting. Please try again later." Signup form is broken. How to fix it?

  • 7 October 2021
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Hello, I read all the google subjects on this matter yet no one found solution.
I am using an adblock and because of that I am unable to finish signup email.
On my iphone signup form isn’t even available..

Never had this issue on any website doing a signup form.
For those who would like to try and maybe figure out what is going on:

"An error occured when submitting. Please try again later."

I am launching a product in few days and my squeeze page does't work which is a killler for me.

Thank you for any help given, I am forever grateful.


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12 replies

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Other websites that are using Klaviyo doesn't have those problems, asking my customers to turn off the ad block is not an option

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Hello @Greg,

Thanks for sharing this question with the Klaviyo community.

I recommend reviewing the following post which speaks to the same issue and has resolved for customers in the past:

Also, I did have a look at the form on your site and tested it and it captured the email address without an error.

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no it dont’ when you using an adblock or have an iphone.
Maybe you checked it when I implemented omnisend

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Are you joking here? you see if the problem was resolved there????

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Why the form isnt visable on iphone at all for example?? Would be able to help me or you just say ‘mine works wine’ and you’ll send me some old topic when problem wasnt fixed??

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Hi @Greg,

Thanks for your follow-up note.

To clarify, the rationale for linking you to the thread, was to provide some potential solutions which helped resolve this issue for customers in the past (not exclusively customers who have commented on that thread). Since it is a generic error, there could be a variety of reasons why it occurs.

I noticed you had reached out to our support team for further assistance. You mentioned the form was working without ad-block, and in light of that information, they mentioned an alternative solution:

“...utilize and implement custom/legacy forms built using HTML/CSS. Because custom/legacy forms are built from HTML/CSS and considered "hardcoded" onto your website, ad blocks would not be able to remove its elements and prevent the form from displaying...”

And some articles were provided for further assistance:

Legacy Signup Forms vs. New Signup Forms
Add and Customize a Legacy Embedded Form
Add Custom Fields to a Legacy Form

In short, it is clear from the testing that you performed (testing the form with vs without ad block) that the ad-block is causing the error to appear. While we cannot control what that ad-block does, we can provide the tools for a workaround. If you’d like assistance with putting the aforementioned custom form together, I recommend reaching out to our of our wonderful partners.

With respect to the iPhone issue, I would double-check the display settings for the form to ensure it is set to Desktop & Mobile. It may be that it’s simply only set to display on Desktop. This setting is located under the “Behaviors” tab of the sign-up form.

I hope that information is helpful.

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And? I should ask someone to fix your poor service?
You still didn’t explain me how to fix that issue with adblock

"An error occured when submitting. Please try again later."

I read your articles and there is nothing up there about my issue - why you even sent me those?

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Omnisend works great, only klaviyo is tremendously bad.
Why adblock causing that issue?
Can you check your logs or whatever you have here??

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With respect to the iPhone issue, I would double-check the display settings for the form to ensure it is set to Desktop & Mobile. It may be that it’s simply only set to display on Desktop. This setting is located under the “Behaviors” tab of the sign-up form.

Obviously display is on on desktop and mobiles. Still on iphone you cant see the form


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This is soo bad :D

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Hello @Greg,

Thank you for your reply. I understand seeing this error can be a confusing and frustrating experience. We are doing our best to clear this up for you.

Certain ad-blocks/plug-ins can block Klaviyo’s onsite javascript from firing. If this is the case, the ad-block will prevent the form from appearing on your site (or throw an error) because the onsite javascript is responsible for “powering” the Klaviyo form. We at Klaviyo cannot prevent the ad-block from behaving this way.

Also I appreciate the update on the iPhone issue. The form failing to appear could be due to a number of reasons. The first place I would look is the other behavioral settings on the form. For example, a location-specific setting, not showing after submit or not showing to existing Klaviyo profiles. I recommend reviewing these settings to double-check they are not interfering with the ability of the form to populate. I would also test it on mobile after disabling the ad-block. An easy way to test is to clone the original form, and set the setting “Only show on certain URLs” > “exactly matching” to This will provide a page for you to test your mobile form appearance without any customers seeing it. You’ll also want to check your site for multiple scripts of Klaviyo’s onsite javascript which can also cause issues with forms appearing. If you notice multiple scripts, support will need to remove those duplicate scripts for you.

If after trying the above solutions, you have further questions or concerns regarding your specific use-case, please contact our support team including your above screenshots (or re-direct them to this post) and also include screenshots of the console logs, when the error is thrown so they can investigate further for you.

Thanks and have a great rest of your day.