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  • 7 November 2023
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Hey there,

I have a couple of questions as I am unfamiliar with Klaviyo flows and forms. I have been using another software previously.

I have created a form to embed into my customers website but I’ve noticed that the only notification visible to set up for this form is through creating a flow that notifies the owner that the form has been completed? Is there a way to send the details from the form as part of that notification? So for example a client has completed their name, company details, contact details, how they would like to be contacted and their message. None of this information is included in the notification as part of the flow but would be great if it can be? 

My second question is around the form set up. I have noticed that once the form is set up there is no way to edit the list the collected data is saved to? Can this be made editable so that a new form doesn’t need to be created? 

Lastly, there is no option to add multiple triggers in a custom flow? Is there a reason for this? I have also noticed that once a flow has been created the trigger can not be altered either? 

Am I missing something here and can someone please help point me in the right direction?


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Hi @SaintandQueen


Happy to help!


  1. Do you mind sharing what you want to do with the form details after they are filled out out? Do you want to show these details to the client again in the flow email? All the information the clients shares in the form will be appended to their profile. 


  1. You can indeed change the list a form submits to after it’s been turned live by following the below steps and checking out this Community thread:
  • Click the button block in your form
  • Select a new list under List to Submit in the Button Click Action section


  1. You are correct, at this time we only allow for one trigger per flow. 


For more insight on how to get started in Klaviyo, I’d check out these resources! 


Hope this helps!



Hi @Taylor Tarpley,

Thanks for your response. 

With regards to your question about the form details, I was hoping to send a notification to the sales team with all the details provided in the form. I understand the details are saved against the profile however it is not in the sales teams best interest to have to login to Klaviyo every time a form is completed. So this is why I would like to be able to send a notification to the sales team which includes the clients details and their answers to the form questions.  Is this possible?




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Hi @SaintandQueen


Thanks for providing those details! I understand how that would be less than ideal.


Do you mind sharing what questions the form is asking that you want your sales team to know? It might be possible to have the answers shared when adding personalization variables into the email notification message depending on the info in your form submission. 




Hi Taylor,

Thanks for your response. Yes sure, the details I need from the form are as follows:


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Hi @SaintandQueen


If you have these form answers saved as custom properties onto the customer’s profile, you should be able to call these personalization variables into the email body of your flow’s internal alert, as stated in step three of this help center documentation! A visual is shown in this similar thread below as well.


Hopefully this will be easier for your sales team!