How to close a teaser?

  • 27 January 2022
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I can’t figure out how I add a close function to a teaser.

I know users want to be able to get rid of a teaser even when they didn’t signup.

Is this not possible with Klaviyo?


Best answer by stephen.trumble 28 January 2022, 03:41

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11 replies

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Hey @numzie 

Thank you so much for reaching out to the Klaviyo Community for help with your teaser! This is a really great and interesting question, that was exciting to try to solve!

The article linked above talks about how your customer will have to complete the primary task of the signup form before it will close. One of the benefits of this feature is that your customer might not ready to signup yet but after going through your site they they decide they want to signup for your teaser offer. Having the teaser present is a great reminder to them and easy to find depending on the pages you have it on. It is also an easy way to grow your list size and a number of other benefits for having it in an unobtrusive location on your site. I worked with one of my amazing team members @David To,  to test out a possible work around. One of the other points the article covers is the teaser behavior settings, one of those settings is to show the teaser before the form is displayed. 

If you set the teaser to this behavior and adjust your form settings you should be able to get the teaser to close even if they don’t fill out the form . One caveat being that if your customer does not allow us to cookie their browser, the teaser will still appear. On your signup forms Targeting & Behavior Settings tab, you can adjust when and who sees your signup form. Adjusting these will help minimize how many people will keep the teaser open on their browser. 

Hopefully this help alleviate the number of your customers who may be bothered by having the teaser on your pages. Thank you so much for being a part of the Klaviyo Community, We truly appreciate your contribution! 

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Hi Stephen. Thanks for the answer. I'm not looking for reasons to keep it visible.


I'm looking for a way to let them costumer close it himself.


From your answer this does not seem possible, so I'll have to use another service than Klaviyo to do this.


I don't understand why your didn't develop this as an option. Sometimes customers would like to take control, not being pushed all the time.






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hey @stephen.trumble 

are there any plans to implement this at some point?

So far, it doesn't look like this is on your agenda, although it should be a very easy to implement feature that would significantly improve the user experience.




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Hey @Erik 

Our development team is constantly working on improving features. At this time, I do not  have a timeline for this. However I will update this thread the moment I have that information for you!


@Klaviyocommunity Is there any update on this? Adding a simple close button to the teaser.


For anyone still hoping for a valid answer you can hide the teaser on scroll with a function. Just find the class of your teaser element (mine is .needsclick.kl-teaser-R9UN4B) and adjust this code accordingly. 


if($(this).scrollTop() > 200){
$('.needsclick.kl-teaser-R9UN4B').css({'display': 'none'});


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Hey @bbesemer @Erik @numzie 

Right now there still is not a way to add an X to close out the teaser. However, you can switch the behavior to only show before displaying form:
This way it won't stay there after a customer closes form. 

Hope this small update will help!

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Thanks for the messages in this topic. 
We also really would like to see a close out for the form teaser. But keeping the option of ‘show teaser after form is closed'. Is there another work-around, perhaps in the coding? 
I totally agree this probably does not cost a lot of development work, but weights a lot on user experience. 


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Hi @Femy


I see you asked a similar question in this thread below, and got an answer! 




Hi Taylor,
Thank you for your message, but my question isn't the same as in that thread, and it's also not answered there. In short; I'd like to have the possibility to close a teaser form with a kind of exit button. It would be great if you know a workaround.


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When will you add a close button to the teaser?

Just copy the features from and you will give us a great popup tool :)

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Hi @Femy


My apologies for misunderstanding your question! 


I will ask around and see if that is possible! I will circle back with an update when I have one. 


Have a great weekend!