How to use template that will go to my subscribers email

  • 1 December 2023
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I am Govinda, Developer of Planet Nine. We are very new to Klaviyo.

We have integrated a form in the website(services section):

Our website is going through some changes, which is why we created a separate URL for testing.
But first let us go through what we require.

1. Our first requirement is that the users who will subscribe will get a customized email where there will be the price list of our company. Right now, the users are redirected to subscribe to emails, which we don't want. We have created a demo template for this.

2. Is there any way to filter the users who will click the submit form from the website? as in the subscribers will be filtered as "Price Subscriber". 

3. Later we plan to forward our promotional emails to these "Price Subscribers" with a customized email template.




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Hi there @planetnine


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help! 


Whenever you want to publish Klaviyo forms on your website, make sure you’ve added our Klaviyo .js script. Once this is confirmed you can take the following steps to accomplish what you want! 

  • If you want your subscribers to receive an automated, customized email after a user submits a form and is added to a list, you will need to create a flow that is triggered when a user is added to to this specific list. Then you can customize the email subscribers will receive after signing up for the form.
  • If you notice your subscribers receive a second confirmation email, that would be because the List connected to your form is set to Double opt-in. To prevent a subscriber from receiving a second confirmation email, you can change your list to single opt-in. 
  • If you want to add a hidden property, like ‘Price Subscriber’, to be added to users who fill out this form, so you can segment on this data later, I would follow this helpful documentation. Once these properties are added to your subscribers you can send campaigns, personalized one-time email sends, to a segment of these users following the conditions:  Properties about someone > Price Subscriber > is true.


As you are new to Klaviyo I’d check out these helpful resources!


Hope this helps!