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  • 15 February 2021
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I would like to link my customers to my sign-up form from one of my product pages. Is this possible?



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You should be able to do this since there is link button in the form text editor also.. try it it should work. But in case it don’t you can always create a button for example on the success message.. thank people and add button that is linked to the sign up page.. When setting up the button instead of submit form choose option Go To URL option and it will give you a field to enter a url link..

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Hi @Bobi N. I don’t actually understand what you are saying. I need the URL to my sign-up form. I don’t want to create a button.

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Sorry I thought you were asking how to link a page in one of your Sign Up Forms.. but it seems like you want to do this the other way around. I guess you want to live link on a page where when people click it a pop up will show?

If this is what you are asking I don’t think you can do this. 
Klaviyo forms only have 4 different options on when to show:

  • immediately on page load
  • when customer is exiting the page
  • when customer spend at least X seconds on a page
  • when customer scrolls at least X % of the page
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Hi there,

It sounds like you are asking how to create a link that will take you to another page where your Klaviyo signup form is hosted. To do this, you could simply link customers to your Klaviyo-hosted subscribe page.

You can do so by following the instructions in our Help Center article, How to Find the Subscribe Link for a List.

Hope this helps!