Why Doesn't Kaviyo Have Sign Up forms For Brick & Mortar?

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I asked this same question 2 years ago.


Many of us have brick & mortar locations and need/want to harness email addresses from shoppers & visitors. This is also an obvious feature needed for trade shows. We pay about $5000 a year and this is a HUGE missed opportunity for us.


There is zero reason I can think of this is omitted as a development and/or standard feature. OnSpot Social is exactly what I am after, but really do not want to transition back to MailChimp . . . 


Klaviyo help . . . .


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Hi there @lemonandline,


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!


We do care for our business that have brick and mortar stores as we have 3 options available to have in-store signups. I can see that my colleague gave a successful option on how to retrieve in-store signups on your last post, via embedding a form on a page of your website that is unique to your brick and mortar store and so no other online users will be able to signup this way. Was there any issues setting this up that I can help with?


Additionally, we have three other ways available to utilize in-store signups for brick and mortar stores that you can take advantage of.

  1. Utilizing full-page forms vs embed forms. Full page forms allow you to gain in-store subscribers by displaying a full page form on this specific website page vs embedding a form that has additional script needed to display the form.
  2. Customize and display the ‘Subscribe page’ URL from the desired list you want your in-store shoppers to be added to directly.


However, I would consider using a form for this method of in-store signups so you can add a hidden property to your IPAD form that will  append a hidden property so you an know which subscribers signed up in your store and segment accordingly according to your business goals!


Thanks for partipcating in the Community!


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These are all workarounds and nothing actually made/designed for brick & mortar use. Think about an iPad sign up in-store - such a powerful tool.


For example when the form you mentioned is submitted, it does not have the capability to reload to the original screen for the next user. It’s a clunky solution.

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@lemonandline you actually can do that….on the submit button properties set “After submit” to “Go to URL” and set the url to the same url the form lives on.  And make sure to uncheck the “Don't show again after submit form or go to URL action” box on the main “Targeting and Behavior” tab. And obviously make sure it’s set to show on page load w/ no delay. I’d love for them to put together an app that does this natively, but for now this does work reasonably well.