Is it necessary to get consent for email as well?

  • 27 September 2022
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I was wondering if it is necessary to get consent and make subscribers sign up the consent box in emails as well. I have seen some brands do it while some just don’t do it in emails.

Also if I want to keep my double opt in disabled how can I make sure the message doesn't go to someone who didn’t decide to sign up. Like if someone misspells an email or gives some other persons email just for the discount how do I make sure they don’t receive mails without consent. What is the worst that can happen if I send to those people who didn’t actually opt in.

One last thing, I am aware that different countries have different spam protection rules….so is there a resource that explains those rules in a much simpler form.


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Hello @kunalg013 ,

Thanks for sharing to the Community.

When you add a signup form to your site, you are not able to control who decides to take advantage of this form. Even if you add an extra level of validation, it isn’t always possible to ensure subscribers only submit valid or accurate email addresses and phone numbers. Well-intentioned subscribers could simply type their email or phone number incorrectly, but spam-bots could also find your form and flood it with fake email addresses or phone numbers.

In some specific cases, you may want to remove double opt-in and make your list single opt-in. Most often, brands choose to implement single opt-in when they are using other third-party signup forms or tools and their customers are prompted with a double opt-in confirmation at some other point in the signup workflow. For example, if your third-party signup form has a double-opt in feature enabled, you might want to disable double opt-in on your Klaviyo list so customers don't experience multiple opt-in confirmation messages.


I recommend taking a look at our help center articles regarding opt-in and consent.

Understanding Double Opt In

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Collecting GDPR Consent

Understand Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation

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Hi, Thank you so much for this valuable answer Alex!

I will make sure to check these.