Why is'nt the Autosave not working in my form builder?

  • 23 June 2022
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I can't make edits to a form because when I make the edits, the saving button never completes. I can't publish the changes and I can't change the form to draft either. 
Is there a work around?

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 Hi @Clare G,


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You should definitely be able to publish any editing changes you wish to make and the form should compete saving your work within the amount of time you’ve made the changes. This seems like it might be a individual desktop or browser issue as they’re aren’t any open bugs related to this. I’d recommend the following to trying the following:

  • clearing your cache & cookies 
  • investigating whether you have a third-party tool or ad blocker that could be interfering 
  • you aren’t accidentally logged into another account simultaneously or in another tab on the same desktop


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