Customers Accidentally Unsubscribing from SMS

  • 22 September 2022
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We are running into an issue with the “unsubscribe” words with SMS.


We offer subscriptions of our products to our customers. Every time a customer texts us to say they want to “cancel their subscription” it unsubscribes them from SMS because it contains the word “cancel”. They then resubscribe and send the same message only for the exact same outcome to occur, causing an extremely frustrating loop for the customer.


There must be a way to add a word that will stop the word “cancel” from unsubscribing from SMS?


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Hi there @RonL ,

Welcome to the Community.

My apologies, as customization of an opt out message with a toll-free number is not an option available at this time. With this setup, customization for unsubscribe keywords is restricted outside of StopStopallUnsubscribeCancelEnd, or Quit.  For the current time being, I would make sure your SMS opt-out language specifically references one of these terms so that users unsubscribe successfully. However, we are looking into adding more opt out messages for SMS, so keep an eye out for future updates.

Please  take a look at your SMS settings (Account > Settings > SMS) and scrolled down to the Keyword Management section:
To note, customization of certain keywords are restricted, such as when a profile is unsubscribed, as well as resubscribed. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! 
I'm happy to provide this article here on How to Add, Update, or Delete Custom Keywords if you would like further detail about this.


All the best,