Encouraging email list subscribers to sign up for SMS

  • 11 June 2024
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I want to display a message in the footer of all emails in my welcome series that asks profiles to subscribe to SMS (if they haven’t already) by clicking a link to subscribe.

Is it possible to use use a conditional tag to show/hide this message depending on if the profile is subscribed to SMS? I understand that I can include a direct link to the subscribe page for the SMS list within this message.

What I’m also wondering is, when the user clicks the subscribe link and lands on the subscribe page, is it possible to have the name and email fields pre-populated so that the user only has to enter their phone number?

Ideally, I would like to customize the subscribe page so that the user only sees the field to enter their phone number to subscribe, but I’m not sure if Klaviyo would recognize what profile to attribute this to. 

Are either of these use cases possible?


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3 replies

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@jesseb I am SO sorry for the late reply here. You post was mistakenly flagged as spam by our system. I’m investigating why further. 

In the meantime, did you get this figured out?

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@kaila.lawrence thanks for the reply. That’s odd it was flagged as it’s definitely not spam :)

Nope, have not figured this out.

I actually have a couple thread replies and started topics that are awaiting replies.


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@jesseb Yes! Using the Show/Hide Block Feature, you can add the ​person|lookup:’Accepts SMS’ variable - this will determine whether we show this block in your email. This will exclude anyone where Accepts SMS = Yes. If that variable is set to ​No, is not set, or is empty, this block will be displayed.


Additionally, we can do one step better for the subscribe page and ONLY show the SMS consent form to existing email subscribers