How to add subscribers SMS details to Klaviyo (UK)

  • 5 November 2020
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Hi there,

I’m in the UK and looking to start developing my SMS subscribers list. From what I understand, the SMS feature in Klaviyo is only available in the US, is that correct? Is there an ETA on when it might become more widely available?

I currently use SMS Bump for SMS marketing (e.g. abandoned checkouts) and am using Just Uno for the pop up on my website to collect email addresses. I’m looking into how I can create an additional field in my Just Uno pop up to collect the users phone number on the pop up too and then have these saved in Klaviyo within the subscribers profile. Is there a way to do this?




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@meets  Hi there Meeta, thanks for asking your first question to the Community forum! 

You’re correct in that SMS is not yet available outside of the US at this time - I know this is something our team is looking to expand on, but I don’t have a secured date for that as of now.  

Regarding how to use Just Uno to collect SMS and connect that into Klaviyo - you can take a look through this Just Uno article that walks you through the steps for SMS integration. However, we wouldn’t recommend collected SMS consent and numbers from your customers until you have SMS enabled. Unfortunately, we can only gather SMS consent by JustUno for US numbers at this time, but we are hoping to expand our SMS coverage in the future! 

When SMS does become available outside of the US, keep your eye out on the forum for the feature update! We share them in the News & Announcements section. 



Hey Cassy, thanks for getting back to me and clarifying the situation - that makes sense! Have a great rest if the day.