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  • 25 May 2022
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I am trying to remove my old agency as a user in my account - without luck. I click on the light grey x, a popup appears asking me to confirm, I click on ‘delete user’ button and nothing happens and therefore, unable to delete. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks very much. 






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Hi there @andydamato,

Welcome to the Community! Apologies you are running into this issue. Are you seeing that clicking Delete User does nothing? Or is there an error message? Or does the button go through but the user remain on the account?

This could be a bug issue so would love to hear what might be going on on your end.




Hi Alex, no, I click on the button and nothing happened at all. I have since contact support, we tried various different solutions, all of which failed and finally they had to manually remove the user for me.


So, we got the end result, but haven’t fixed the bug. I just hope the same issue doesn’t come up for others (or myself) in the future!


Thanks for your help. 


Kindest regards, 



This is happening to me, too. I click the grey x, but when I click the red "delete user", nothing happens. So I cannot delete any users. Please advise.

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Hi there @NT8080,

As I cannot locate an exact reason for this occurring, I will have a Support team member investigate this for your inside your account. Please keep us updated.