Why does Shopify report less sales than Klaviyo?

  • 8 September 2022
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Hello Everyone, 

I have been facing an issue that my shopify store report less sales than Klaviyo. Is it possible?

If yes, can anyone please elaborate ?

please guide me on this as soon as possible.

screenshots are attached bellow






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4 replies

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Hi @murdock677,

Thanks for sharing this with us.

The reason for this discrepancy is because Shopify and Klaviyo calculate revenue slightly differently. While Shopify subtracts canceled and refunded orders from their revenue calculation, Klaviyo does not. Therefore, the Shopify number will likely be lower if you compare it with Klaviyo 1:1. This is also noted in our documentation here.

Thanks for being a community member. 

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Hi @Dov ,

Thanks for clarification.

I can not actually open any documentation, clicking on (Here) takes me on this same page again and again, I don’t know why.

It would be great if you can upload the documentation link again.

Thanks a lot for being the helping hand .



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Hi @murdock677,

Thank you for pointing that out. Of course - always happy to help.

I updated the link in my previous reply - it should work for you now.

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Hey @murdock677 - Unfortunately most platforms have their own set of attribution and processes when it comes to sales. Some brands try to have 1 source of truth (klaviyo, shopify, GA for example). But I recommend brands trying to find the best attribution model that works for your business and setting your marketing tools to a consistent model.