Editing a live flow, i.e. deleting conditional split. What happens to "waiting"?

  • 4 July 2022
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Hey y’all!

This is my “customer winback” flow: 

First, I want to know whether my conditional split of checking “Has Placed Order zero times in the last 90 days” is of any use or is it redundant? 

Second, what happens if I delete this conditional split while my flow is live? Does this mean I am going to lose the contact 440 people waiting on that split currently?

Thank you very much in advance!



Best answer by Manny Singh 5 July 2022, 04:24

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3 replies

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Hey Sinan! Welcome to the community. 


For your first question, depends on what your flow filter is.  If it’s “Placed Zero Orders Since Starting This Flow”, then it is redundant. 


For your second question, here’s a snippet from a Klaviyo help article (linking to it below):

If you delete a step that has contacts waiting, those contacts will move to the next step in your flow. When deleting a step from your flow, you will also be deleting any data associated with that step as well. For emails or SMS, you can keep that data by setting the message mode to Draft. Contacts will not be scheduled for messages in draft mode, and will move on to the next step in your flow. 

The only exception to this is if:

  • The step being deleted is a split (conditional or trigger)
  • There's no delay directly before the split

In this case, when the split is deleted, any contacts in waiting will be removed from the flow. Otherwise, they'll continue on to the next step.


Hope that helps!

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Hey Manny!

Thank you for the warm welcome and your help!

Concering the second question: How do I delete this conditional split now without losing all those contacts? Is there a way avoid it?


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@Sino_VBG good question.  How about this, add another Conditional Split where the configuration is Random Sample - 100% (this will send 100% of the people down the YES path).  This will be the new flow you want to send people down. 


When those in that conditional split you want to delete are through, you can delete it then (the Random Sample conditional split before that won’t add more people to the one you want to delete).  

Let me know if that makes sense (not sure if I said it properly)