Event extra checkout tag doesn't work on Abandoned Cart Flow

  • 21 May 2021
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Hi everyone i’ve a problem i cannot fix: i need to insert the link of checkout on the word “click” and the {{ event.extra.checkout_url }} doesn’t work.

I need help, thank you!


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7 replies

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Hi @hairtangler,

Thank you for reaching out and exploring the Community for some solutions.

First, I recommend checking that you have previous Checkout Started events recorded. When previewing in Klaviyo, example data from a recent event will need to display in order to see your dynamic functions populating in the template. This may explain why you are not able to see your return to cart button work. It should look something like this when you preview:

If you do have events recorded, verify that the trigger for the flow is the Shopify Checkout Started event:


Klaviyo also provides default Abandoned Cart flows triggered off of other events and the {{ event.extra.checkout_url }} would only work for an Abandoned Cart flow triggered off of the Shopify event, Checkout Started. For more information on how dynamic variables work, I recommend reading our article on using Event Variables to Personalize Flows.

Lastly, I recommend replacing {{ event.extra.checkout_url }} with the following:

{{ event.extra.responsive_checkout_url }}

This was a solution that resolved the same issue for another member of the Community:

Please do let me know if you’re still having trouble after working through these solutions. If so, could you kindly provide a screenshot of the code you have in the button and describe what happens after you click the button?

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

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@dov.derin, I don’t think that’s her question. I understand that she wants to embed the link into text like:


<a href=”{{ event.extra.checkout_url }}”>click</a>


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@dov.derin, I don’t think that’s her question. I understand that she wants to embed the link into text like:


<a href=”{{ event.extra.checkout_url }}”>click</a>


@DavidSandel you are spot on and I definitely jumped the gun by assuming it was a button :)

With that said, the same potential issues I outlined in my previous post could still be reasons behind the issue @hairtangler is experiencing so I still encourage the user to give those a try in addition to your solution to verify the anchor tag used in the source code.

One additional point I’ll add is to ensure that the “Protocol” is set to <other>. If the protocol is set to http or https then there will be a duplicate http or https in the URL which will break the link.


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@dov.derin Hello! I am also trying to fix the issue of customers being re-directed to an empty cart after clicking on the link / button in the abandoned cart emails. I added {{ event.extra.responsive_checkout_url }} into the text hyperlink but could not figure out how to apply this change to the button as well. See screenshots below. Would appreciate your guidance on how to fix this issue.



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Hello @KnowSeafood,

It doesn’t look like your screenshot made it!

However, you should be able to use that same {{ event.extra.responsive_checkout_url }} syntax as the button’s Link URL to bring your recipient’s back to the cart they abandoned. Unlike with a hyperlink, the button’s Link URL will recognize that this is a dynamic URL and parse it accordingly.

Once this syntax has been amended, you can click “Save” near the top to cement this change. After saving, customers who trigger your abandoned cart flow would be able to click on the “Return to your cart” button and be brought back to their respective abandoned cart with the cart recreated. 

Hope this helps!



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My problem is that {{ event.extra.responsive_checkout_url }} returns as oppose to I asked support and they said I should change that from Integrations → Shopify → Store URL However, that was misleading advice as the Store URL must follow the pattern


I am not sure how to fix this. I obviously don’t want to send my potential customers to another URL than my store’s.


Thanks in advance

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Hi @Hossam.


I can see you found the solution to your problem in the topic you started below: