Price Drop Flow based on Single Variant Pricing?

  • 22 February 2023
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Been having trouble w/ our price drop flow - discovered price drops are only triggered when each variant is set to the same price. Since we offer different sizes/specs within our variants they’re not the same prices - wondering if there’s any way to trigger a price drop w/ this caveat?


Is there any custom metric that can be created within Magento2/Shopify that would mimic the flow?


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2 replies

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Hi @Matt.SSE ,

I saw you found my answer a similar question regarding price drop for variants with different specs. 

 I would still stick with different catalogs per variants if they have different prices. If you would like to work with a custom coded solution, that would be something moreso up to our other community members to create or you can go to to find a partner to work with.

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So, all the variants need to be the same exact price? That makes no sense. What if you aren’t using a dollar amount to trigger the Price Drop flow and instead by a %. Does the same rule apply?