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  • 24 January 2023
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I have a co-worker who I wanted to receive a notification for contact us form submissions. I added his email under “send to” in the configuration of the flow step, but he says he did not receive the email confirmation to receive the notifications. Is there a way to re-send him the confirmation, or manually send him a link? It’s the email below. 



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Hi @sarahchilcoatOPO ,

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If you click into the profile, and click, "Messages,"

You'll see Send an e-mail:

And if you've saved the template, you can send that template. (related article)

Another method would be:

You can send that specific email as a campaign to anyone excluded from a flow, which is detailed in this guide.
First, create a segment of those skipped by the flow (like the one shown below). Keep in mind that you need to make sure conditions exactly match the trigger and flow filters for your flow.
Next, save the flow email as a template so you can reuse it for your campaign.
Lastly, create a campaign using the template and send it to the segment you just created.



Thank you! this email is an automated email that gets sent from Klaviyo for people being added to notifications, but they must opt-in first. I am adding my co-workers here. Once they have opted in they receive the green check-box. I am looking to re-send these Klaviyo opt-in messages. 


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Hi @sarahchilcoatOPO, sometimes spam filters tend to see these messages as spam.

We've had cases where using gmail email addresses worked but sending emails from the main company address didn't.

So please check the filtering rules or check with IT to exclude these emails since they might be seen as spoofing.


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