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  • 31 August 2023
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Hi everyone,


I’m creating a Winback flow, wondering if its best practice to add a Dynamic or a static coupon code?

If I add a static coupon code it could be shared but if I add a dynamic coupon code I’m unsure what the expiry date on this should be?


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3 replies

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Welcome to the community @Priyanka10 

As winback discounts are typically higher than you would normally offer, I’d recommend using a dynamic code that’s unique and single-use per customer. A static code could find it’s way into the wild!

I also suggest adding a prefix to those dynamic winback codes such as ‘MISS-YOU-’ or similar: this allows you to select/filter all those codes on the prefix should you need to in segments, flows etc

Regarding the expiry date, that’s a business decision. Typically I’ll go for between 7-days and 30-days after it’s sent which allows for a few emails in the winback flow to nudge anyone who’s not yet redeemed/purchased once they’re in the flow.

Hope that helps


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Hey @Priyanka10 ,

I recommend using dynamic codes as static codes can be picked up by various coupon sites. As Bluesnapper said, I would also suggest a 30-day expiration date. This gives you the added ability to create a sense of urgency and having multiple emails in this winback (Only 2 days left to use your special discount…).

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Thanks guys! That helps.