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  • 16 June 2021
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I’ve created an embedded form, and a flow to send a notification to our staff whenever someone submits the form. I want to pull the fields from the form into the notification email, but am having trouble getting the correct variable fields. I’ve mapped standard klaviyo profile properties to the form fields. Everything above the dotted line in the email below works fine. Below the line doesn’t:


{{ first_name }} from {{ }} just submitted a wholesale enquiry form. Contact them on:

{{ email }} or phone {{person.phone_number }}


Address is {{person.address}}

{{ first_name }} is interested in:


Here's the message they left:

{{person.notes }}


I’ve used the following profile property for tag1 in the form (it’s a multi checkbox):

and this for the notes:


Thank you :)


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Hello @ChristinaD,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

Since your form are collecting those fields as tag1, notes, and address, they would be considered custom profile properties. Instead of your variable syntax being in the {{ person.PROFILE_PROPERTY }} format, you’ll need to use the {{ person|lookup:’PROFILE_PROPERTY’ }} format. This is because the {{ person.PROFILE_PROPERTY }} format are often times reserved for Special Properties where as the {{ person|lookup:’PROFILE_PROPERTY’ }} is used for custom profile properties. 

As such, instead of your tags reading as:

  • {{person.tag1}}
  • {{person.notes }}
  • {{person.address}}

You’ll want your tags to read:

  • {{ person|lookup:’Tag1’ }}
  • {{ person|lookup:’Notes’ }}
  • {{ person|lookup:’address’ }}

You can learn more about using properties and more on dynamic syntaxes from the Guide to Properties and About Custom Properties articles. Also keep in mind that when creating these tags they are spelling and case sensitive. Incorrectly spelling or using the incorrect case would cause your syntaxes to not render. 

I hope this helps!



Thanks David,


I tired that format, but am getting the following error:

There is an error in your email content.<br />The "lookup" filter requires 2 arguments, but 1 was given

Any suggestion on what’s going wrong?

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Hey @ChristinaD,

I would recommend trying to use those syntaxes I provided but without any extra formatting. If you were copying and pasting what I provided directly, this may have brought over some latent formatting which may have cause the syntax to not be understood by Klaviyo.