Klaviyo’s New Template Editor versus the Classic Template Editor

  • 2 May 2022
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Klaviyo’s New Template Editor versus the Classic Template Editor
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The Classic Editor is deprecated as of May 2023. This post can be used to highlight the added benefits of the New Editor or instructions using it.



There are many exciting differences between the new and old editor. Other than an updated UI (user interface) for a fresh, clean look, the new editor introduced Sections and Columns as well. Sections are essentially grouping mechanisms. A section can be dragged/dropped into the template and then more than one block can be added into a section, and the whole section can be saved - in order to save more than one block at a time, or a whole layout. You can add Columns into a section. Columns allow you to add blocks side by side rather than just vertically stacked. I have a different loom video specifically explaining sections and columns here as well for more info specifically on this. 


In the New Editor, you can also add in background images to sections which is not possible within the old editor. Custom fonts can be added without any code needed (Adobe/Google) in the new editor. Lastly, mobile stacking can be controlled or turned off, which is not possible in the old editor. For sections, mobile stacking can be toggled off so content will remain horizontal on mobile. Or, you can control the vertical stacking from left to right or right to left. This helps minimize the need for mobile only and desktop only blocks, making your template smaller. 


The New Editor brings over the beloved features of the old editor, while adding new mechanisms to expand your email design capabilities. 


Stay tuned as I go over some helpful tips and guidance on using both our new and classic template editor!


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5 replies

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Hi, have you all come out with a way for us to convert templates made in the old editor to the new editor? Specifically, I’m having challenges trying to get the pre-built abandoned cart block that comes when you create an abandoned cart flow over to the new template editor, but it only seems to be available as part of the old template editor? 

Thanks in advance for any help. -Dean

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Hi @Dean L.


Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


It seems like my coworker @David To has left a response to your similar question posted in another thread. I’d recommend checking out what he has to say below!


Have a great day!


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Is there a way to add the new editor options to existing campaigns in Klaviyo or can you only edit new campaigns/templates with the new options?

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Thanks @Taylor Tarpley , unfortunately that doesn’t solve the question I was asking. Klaviyo has pre-set flows with abandoned cart and browse abandonment code in the old templates but not in the new. Is there a way to get that code over to the new template editor? All my templates are built using the new editor, so I don’t want to have to recreate them in the old editor for those specific emails. Am I able to copy and post the source code for those into the templates that are in the new editor?

Thanks, -Dean

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Hey @sarah.g,

I think it would be helpful if you could provide more clarification on what you mean by “adding the new editor option to existing campaigns”? Assuming you had meant to ask if it was possible to applying templates build with the new editor to an existing campaign that’s been cloned, then the answer to that is yes! Just like how you would change the content on any campaign, if you’ve cloned an existing campaign that was previously using the classic editor, you can certainly select a template that was build on the new editor for use.

@Dean L., sorry to hear that my response wasn’t clear in the Can I use an Email Template from the New Editor in Existing Flows? Community post. As I’ve mentioned prior, converting emails build from the classic editor to the new editor is currently not available. This includes converting those abandoned cart and browse abandoned emails that were pre-provided in our library.

When you say that “Klaviyo has pre-set flows with abandoned cart and browse abandonment code in the old templates but not in the new” are you talking about the dynamic table block that Klaviyo had already provided in the those prebuilt abandoned cart and browse abandoned emails? Assuming the code you are referencing are the dynamic event variables used to build the dynamic table block, then they would all still be accessible within the new editor as well! 

Although it’s not pre-provided anymore, you can certainly still rebuild the same dynamic table block experience from our classic editor in our new editor. Overall the process on how to build a dynamic table block using event data/variables hasn’t changes between the classic and new editor. The only difference would really be seen in the UI between the two. 

To learn how to use those event variables and build a dynamic table block, in additional to the step-by-step walkthrough that @Anna McCarthy provided in her Building a dynamic table block using event data Community post, I would suggest taking a look at some of our additional resources which I’ve linked below:

Since you’re trying to recreate a dynamic table block, the solution you posed of copying and pasting the source code from the classic editor to the new editor would both work and not work. Because the dynamic table block consists of an image and text block, you’ll only be able to copy the source code from the text block. However the codes copied and pasted over to the new editor would work. This would actually help you in your process to recreating the dynamic table block from the classic editor to the new editor.