Targeting blank values for conditional statements / IF ELSE content blocks

  • 14 January 2021
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Hi all,


Ok so originally I started writing this because i was struggling to hide / show content based on blank values but I found the article i needed and i’ve figured it out ... :sweat_smile: .


I’ll still post because it might be useful for someone but there’s also an extra question at the end that would be good to know for future reference!


I’ve been trying to get a text block to hide / show based on blank or no value i.e First_name has no value so display X instead.


Example below is what i’m trying to do ;



I saw this example on an article which makes sense for use in a text block but i’m struggling to write valid syntax / target the value or no value i need which is firstname:


{% if person|lookup:'Interested in Dogs?' and not person|lookup:'Interested in Cats?' %}
    Like dogs? Check out some great toys for your canine. 
{% elif person|lookup:'Interested in Cats?' and not person|lookup:'Interested in Dogs?' %}
    Like cats? Check out some great toys for your feline. 
{% else %} 
    Check out some great toys for your pet! 
{% endif %}


Also saw the following for conditional blocks which is what i’m using currently to achieve what I need;


First block (non personalised) is;

not person.first_name


Second block (personalisation);



But!... it would be good to know how to write this as an if / else statement for use in a conditional content block (for example - everything contained within one text block), was assuming it would be along the lines of;


{% if person|'first_name' = ''  %}

If firstname blank content

{% else %}

Show personalisation content

{% endif %}


Could i get a hand with getting the syntax above to work?






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16 replies

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Just to bolt on to the above, since its similar topic. 


Can we use conditional statements statements in a subject line?


For example add conditional statement into the subject line box -


IF Firstname has a value show;

{{ first_name|default:'' }} , items in your basket are selling fast!

ELSE no value show;

Items in your basket are selling fast!


Just so the correct formatting can be shown for the different versions when I don’t want to use a fallback or default.




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@jasondstainton Glad to see that people are utilizing the if/else statements to create powerful personalization. I’ll try to answer both questions. Let’s jump to it.

When it comes to hiding entire blocks I recommend using the question mark symbol (?) option.


In this case (person.first_name), if the person has First Name the block will appear, and if he doesn’t have a First Name the block will be hidden.

On the other hand, if you just want to show/hide certain paragraph or word from a text block, you can use the if/else statements inline to achieve that. Let’s create an example.

You are a pet store and you want to say:

We care about animals very much.
And we know that you love your _____ (dog, cat, pet)!
That’s why we’ve created this super cool toy……


If you have the pet type property for your subscribers stored as “Pet Type = Dog/Cat”, this is how you can use the if/else statements to personalize the email.

We care about animals very much.
And we know that you love your
{% if "Dog" in person|lookup:"Pet Type" and not "Cat" in person|lookup:"Pet Type" %} dog.
{% elif "Cat" in person|lookup:"Pet Type" and not "Dog" in person|lookup:"Pet Type"  %} cat.
{% else %} pet. {% endif %}
That’s why we’ve created this super cool toy……

The results will be:
- If subscriber owns a dog, but not a cat: It will show “dog.”
- If subscriber owns a cat, but not a dog: It will show “cat.”
- If subscriber owns both dog and cat: It will show “pet.”
- If subscriber owns neither dog nor cat: It will show “pet.”

You can play around with the logic and use it to conditinally show or hide certain words or entire paragraphs.

Now for your specific question about the First Name, if you don’t want to use the “default” fallback option you can use the if/else statement to hide that entire section:

{% if person.first_name %}{{ first_name }}, {% endif %}Happy New Year!

If the subscriber has First Name it will show:

John, Happy New Year!

If the subscriber doesn’t have First Name it will show:

Happy New Year!

You can apply this same logic in the Subject Line and it should work fine.

You can also check our tutorial on How to Set Show/Hide Blocks Based on a Custom Profile Property, where we go over the basic settings and conditional options.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Josh,


Thanks for coming back on the above so quickly and for explaining on that level of detail, exactly what I needed! 


Many thanks



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I have a similar related question. I have managed to setup product blocks that display Mens clothes, women or kids based on the product in browser abandonment. using “kids” in event.Categories.0 in the ?

My question Is there a way of setting up a product block that displays if the product isn’t in the men's, women’s or kids category? ideallly i want one block that goes if not in “men's or women or kids” in event.categories.0 it displays products that aren’t in these categories.

Many Thanks


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Hello @davemanson,

Along with the Using the Show/Hide Block Feature to Personalize Your Emails article that @retention had highlighted in their phenomenal tutorial, I would also point you towards the How to Show or Hide Template Blocks Based on Dynamic Variables article which would be more geared towards using the Show/Hide function based on event data. 

As mentioned in that article, some basic logic you can use to either show or hide the block base on specific conditions:

  • Show if Gender is set as female: person|lookup:'Gender' = 'female'
  • Show if Gender is set as male: person|lookup:'Gender' = 'male'
  • Show if Gender is not set: not person.Gender
  • Show if Gender is not set as male or female: person|lookup:'Gender' != 'male' and person|lookup:'Gender' != 'female'
  • Show if Gender is set: person.Gender

Furthermore, this function does allow for the use of And/Or statements to combine and target multiple variables. 

For this specific case, if you wish to display a block that is not in the “men’s”, “women’s”, or “kids” event.Categories field, you can use the rule of: not "men’s" in event.Categories and not "women’s" in event.Categories and not "kids" in event.Categories

One last thing to keep in mind when creating and building these Show/Hide conditions is that they must be exact match phrasing as these logic are spelling and case sensitive. Misspelling or using a lowercase when you need to use an uppercase will cause the logic to be misread and not evaluate correctly. 

Hope this helps!


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Hi Team,


is there a way to do this but with images? I want to display this “item.product.images.6.src” but there is not always an image at position 6 so I would like it to show “item.product.images.0.src”


is this at all possible?

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Hi @getlikeminded , 


Welcome to the Community! Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


Do you mind sharing a little more on what you’re looking to achieve in using hide/show blocks for certain images or giving an example of what you would like to see happen? 


Glad to have you as a part of our community! 



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Hi Taylor,


what I would like to do is in the order notifications to show an image - from the product page (image 6) but if that image is not there show the default image (image 0)


I was given this code by one of the support team:



{% if item.product.variant.images.6.src %}{{item.product.variant.images.6.src}}{%else%}{{item.product.images.0.src}}{%endif%}

but I’m not sure if its working as when I preview the email it shows image 0

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Hi @getlikeminded


That code configuration appears to be you in line with the end result you are looking for, to show image 6 if the order contains it, and the default image if it does not.


It is worth noting that a dynamic table’s natural function will be to automatically pull all the product information in that order, such as the correct images attached to products. So if the image 6 is in the order, it will be pulled and show if a dynamic table is there the email, however won’t show if it is not in the order. 






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Hi Taylor,


Yeah I know I can pull it in if its there - I want to display a different image if it’s not though :)


It doesn’t seem to be pulling through though - still only pulling through the default image (Image.0).



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Hi @getlikeminded


Thanks for the additional info, it was helpful! 


Upon further investigation, the problem might be that as you are looking to bring up the sixth image of an array, the number should be 5, not 6 in your code. As the first image of an array has 0 for its title, the sixth image would be called by using 5 in the code, as using a 6 would call the seventh image. 


Additionally, when problems like this arise or when you you need intensive investigation into your account to diagnose troubleshooting, it would be best to defer to Support in these cases as they are able to take a more thorough, deep dive into your account! 


Thanks for your participation in the Community ! 



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Hi Taylor,


Thanks for that!


I did start with support :) - I was referred to the partner program so thought I would utilise the hive mind before I went down the paid partner route

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Sorry I should have mentioned that the image is in the media gallery not the variants as I can see that the code

{% if item.product.variant.images.6.src %}{{item.product.variant.images.6.src}}{%else%}{{item.product.images.0.src}}{%endif%}

mentions variant image, would this still work or does the re need to be an image in the 5/6th variant?


and just to make sure I am putting this is the correct place I am putting it in the dynamic section where it says 

Enter an email placeholder that contains an image URL:

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Hi all,

Trying to figure out a similar thing to OP, but if there is a way to hide a block if the dynamic content is completely empty?

I’m setting up an order confirmation that shows the billing address used, but I want to hide a line if it’s empty, for example if the customer hasn’t filled out “State” when checking out.

I’ve managed it for numbers, like hiding the discount section using event|lookup:'TotalDiscount' = 0 

Is this at all possible?

Any help would be much appreciated!


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Hey @maddiemhc, the if/endif *should* work with the simple IF statement like this:{%if …state variable here… %} if the value is truly “empty.”   The IF condition is only true if there some value (not empty value) in the variable.  

However, you may have to debug it a bit, sometimes addresses may appear empty, but in fact has a value like a single space or another placeholder value like “none” or “NAN”  depending on your integration and which platform you’re on.

Try out a few other conditions like:

{% if ...state variable here...|length > 1 %}


{% if ...state variable here... is not None %}

Don’t forget to close the block with a {% endif %}

Let us know which one worked for you!

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And if i want to personalize content based on part of the url that customer use to register.

Is there a way to do statement with contains this string?