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Hi Amber @zootilitytools - welcome to the Klaviyo Community forum, and thanks so much for telling us a little more about you! We’re thrilled to have you here with us, and we’re looking forward to hearing more about your own experiences as a Digital Marketing Manager for Zootility (the super thin pocket knife and the wildcard pocket tool are both very cool designs!). 

Also, super neat that you’re right on the beach in Scarborough! My family used to own a restaurant in Sanford, ME and we would go to Portland all the time. 

Looking forward to seeing you around in the threads here and have a great weekend, 

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Hi everyone! My name is Amber and I am the Digital Marketing Manager at Zootility in Portland, Maine. 

I am most passionate about going to the beach in the summer, skiing in the winter and spending time with my family. I live just two miles from the beach in Scarborough.

The thing I love most about working at Zootility is having the ability to be creative and share my thoughts and ideas and not feel judged at all. It really is a great company and I happen to LOVE the products we sell.

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Hey Everyone we are Defined Creations and my name is Stewart I am the owner and the thing I love most about my company is there is room for expansion. I absolutely love being outdoors, physical activities and learning new things. Seeing that we are headed into this new wave of technology I would like to dive right in. It’s not easy, I know, but you have to start somewhere. So this is my Brand/Logo and if you ever get the chance stop by read our ‘about’ page and see what we’re all about!  

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@dan deyong Hi Dan, thanks for sharing your industry background and for being a part of the Klaviyo Community! We’re thrilled to have you here. Really cool to hear that your family-run business has been operating since 1846, but you’re already doing so much to innovate while keeping consumers ideals of environmentally friendly resources top of mind. We’re excited to hear that you’re already seeing value by using the Klaviyo platform, and we look forward to hearing more about your successes, tests, and/or strategies in the Community forum! 


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Hi Everyone!

My name is Dan and I am very passionate about design, photography and cars!

I am a Director of a family-run Home Textile business which has been trading since 1846. 

I love developing new products for the home, we are innovative in the search for the latest trend, or finding new fibres that help benefit the world by being environmentally friendly or well being for us such as at the moment we are into Silver technology into yarns to help antibacterial qualities in products.

Very excited about Klaviyo, such a genius program and community, we have been using since late November and that instant feel of doing something right came straight away and was such an awesome feel good factor.

Many thanks



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Hello Klaviyo Community Friends,

Welcome to the world of email marketing! My name is Sakinah, and I am a Senior Product Expert here at Klaviyo. My specialties are account cancellations, billing, account updates, logins, Salesforce, Magento 2, and Delivery & Compliance. 

With over twenty years of technology experience, I bring to the table a vast amount of knowledge to help you - the Klaviyo client. 

We are excited to have you as part of our Klaviyo community, and we look forward to building strong ties with your business. 


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@Saberlin Hi Sabrina,
Welcome to the Klaviyo Community, and thanks so much for sharing the story of Saberlin! The pieces on your website is stunning, and I love all the philanthropic work your company does as well! Really cool to see a business support other entrepreneurs. We’re thrilled to have you join us here, and look forward to hearing more about your e-commerce journey and marketing expertise! 
Cheers to you and your family in the new year,

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Hi Everyone!

I feel so late to the party! Hah! It was so much fun reading everyone’s bios!

My name is Sabrina! I am the owner and Operations Director of Saberlin LLC. We make Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry. This is a family business that I was passed the torch over two years ago I was tired of always sitting in the shadows crafting items under a private label for major accounts so I created an online presence and brand named Saberlin Collections.  While we still have our B2B business and it is a big part of our bread and butter, I wanted to created something more unique and something that we could share and connect directly with those who want quality designer silver jewelry that’s affordable. 


I am most passionate about my family, food (all kinds, from everywhere), my business (I mean… it is bling!!!!!) and most of all helping people. I plan on creating a free program for information to help others build their own businesses!


I love that even though through all the years no matter how big or how many dollars in sales we hit, my parents always wanted to continue to work with other family run businesses from all over the world. This is what creates the best quality, the best pricing, and most of all the happiest customers!!! Come check us out :)


All of these pieces can be found on our website! :) 


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Hey @cassy.lee!

Thank you for the warm welcome :)

Yes, I would love to recommend David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet, which is on Netflix. It weaves together data, science, and the beauty of our planet with a sense of urgency that I found very informative and moving. 

I would also recommend My Octopus Teacher, which isn’t about climate change, but an octopus. Haha. It is a movie that will make you fall in love with nature again, and make you realize just what climate change threatens.  

Also, people should look into the work of Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat. Those two plant-based meat companies are probably doing more to fight climate change than almost any other organization on earth. 

Happy to be here!

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Hi @ConnorBohannan! Welcome to the Klaviyo Community, and thanks so much for sharing a little more about you. We have a few folks that have also commented on this thread about their interest in climate change - any interesting movies or books you’d recommend on the topic for others? Additionally, thanks for sharing your experience working with small businesses and using both Klaviyo and Shopify to help in that journey. If you’re interested in sharing, we have a post supporting small businesses where people have been posting either their or their clients top holiday gift ideas.

Lastly, I appreciate you mentioning the email experience you had. I’ll look into getting that updated so that it excludes the original poster from the notifications. 

Kind Regards, 

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Hey there!

My name is Connor. 

I’m not really sure what I am most passionate about. I enjoy learning about myself and how I tick, whether through journaling, meditation, or exercise. I feel strongly about climate change and global wealth inequality. And I love storytelling - both books and movies. 

I’ve been in the eCom space for about two and a half years and have been a freelance email marketer since COVID hit. I work almost exclusively on Klaviyo and I really appreciate and enjoy the platform. Klaviyo and Shopify are the most user-friendly and capable platforms I’ve come across in my short time in the eCom space. 

What I very much enjoy about my job is helping small businesses grow. I get to be a crucial part of people’s dreams, which I think is pretty cool. 

Side note: I made a post today and commented on it, and then received an email saying someone commented on my post. I don’t think this is the ideal customer experience. Thanks. 

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Name: Yash

Passion: eCommerce marketing and cookie dough (no serious it’s a borderline weird obsession!)

Role: Owner of Kyroc. We specialise in eCommerce email and SMS marketing for growing stores with high potential. 

What I love about my company: We have weekly game nights with our remote team. I love being able to connect with people all around the globe! (I also love how we make STACKS for our clients!)




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​​​​​Hi guys,

I’m Phill, 46, married to my wife Michelle, with 2 lads, John (8) and Joel (6, going on 16!) and I’m passionate about my faith, family, integrity in business, trading (not nailed that yet by any stretch), trying to surf in the UK (and failing!), producing electronic music (love Massive Attack), drumming and brewing the strongest cider I possibly can over the summer months from the apple trees in ours (and the neighbours!) gardens!

Camping in Devon, UK

I also look after quite a few pets for the kids - a rescued slow worm, a rainbow budgie called “Tails”, 2 zebra danio and we’re just about to get 2 teddy guinea pigs for Joel, who loves animals and wants to be a zoo keeper when he grows up, whilst John wants to run a bakery in the zoo, that’s going to be in Cyprus, after an awesome family holiday in Paphos!!!

Marshmallows in the Garden!

I head up partnerships for Segmentify, helping online brands with their agencies and consultants to optimise their personalisation and retention strategies with product recommendations, search, push notifications and email. The one thing I am super stoked about at the moment at work is that we’ve just built our Klaviyo integration after much research with the Klaviyo team, to further empower their User Profiles with our machine learning to optimise conversion by facilitating true, real-time, 1 to 1 personalised email campaigns, created directly from within Klaviyo, yay!!!

Bike riding in Wellow, UK

I’m really looking forward to getting to know everyone here and hopefully being able to contribute in some way!

I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe during this testing season and I look forward to talking to you soon!




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Hey there!

Happy to join the community :)

  • What's your name? Piero
  • What are you most passionate about? Technology and business
  • Where do you work and what is your role? I co-founded www.platanomelon.com 6 years ago. We are the leading intimate/pleasure brand in Southern Europe and I am in charge of the website/technical stuff, I help other departments and also do strategy.
  • What’s one thing you love most about your company? We are helping to break taboos around sexuality and masturbation thanks to our fresh and natural educational content, and we are also building one of the biggest communities around sexuality in the world with over 2M followers combined (all organically, no paid ads).

Klaviyo has been a great upgrade from Mailchimp so far (>1 year running it already) and I am looking forward to learning a lot from the members of this new community.

If I can help you with anything just drop me a message ;)


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Hi everyone :wave: ,

I’m glad I’m here to e-meet you all.


My name is Isabel, and I’m from a beautiful city, Guimarães, from Portugal. I work at PRIMARIU and I’m account manager for marketing clients. I love to deal with people and help them achieve their goals, both professional and personal. 

At PRIMARIU, we are kinda a small team, and honestly, that’s the thing i love most, because we all are important and we all play a role that makes the difference for our clients.

We start working with Klaviyo a few months ago and I’m loving it. I’m here to know more about Klaviyo and to learn to the most.

Thank you all, 

Isabel :slight_smile:

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Hey all!


My name is Vítor and have a publishing company, focused on buddhist books, here in Brazil.

I am really passionate about publishing books that can be of benefit and I feel that not only the books, but also the way my company communicates, can bring some joy.

I am the only person working at the company for 7 years. I coordinate the books (talking to translators, proofreaders, designers...), the shopify store, campaigns, social media. Not an easy task!

I love that I can work with my passion!


I am so glad to have this space for exchange and learning!

Hey all -- happy to be here! You can call me Daphne.

I am handling graphic design and digital platforms for a company that designs and manufacturers residential and commercial products for rainwater harvesting.

What I love most about our company are the products -- what we produce enable people to create sustainable environments. The company hasn’t been in touch with our customers (digitally) for a while so and I am hoping that we can start interacting with them more now that we have Klaviyo.

I have a kitten called Jiji that I rescued from the gutter a few months ago. She is helping me stay sane during quarantine! Aside from Jiji… food, coffee, video games, and working out are some of the many things that keep me busy when I’m off work.

I’m looking forward to learning from all of you! :hand_splayed_tone2:


Jiji says hello


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HI Everyone

Just getting started with Klaviyo :-) 


  • What's your name? Beno
  • What are you most passionate about? Hiking in the mountains, having fun in everything I do, live music, self development
  • Where do you work and what is your role? I am the founder of www.lokalestore.com ( a marketplace for sustainable European quality fashion - launch soon) and I co-manage the sales department for a technology services company.
  • What’s one thing you love most about your company? We make shopping for sustainable items at least as convenient as buying fast fashion. This way we can convince a broader audience to choose for the sustainable option.

Looking forward to dive deeper into Klaviyo :-)

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Hi everyone!

Great to virtually meet you all - my name is Colleen.

I’m passionate about donuts (weird, I know). But in my spare time, and through everything going on with COVID, I love trying new local donut (and coffee) shops. 

I currently work at a CBD startup as a Digital Marketing and Customer Experience Manager.

As with any startup, there’s always a lot going on and multiple hats to be worn. I especially love how much I’ve learned and continue to learn about all things digital marketing, B2C, B2B, website design and creation, operations, etc. Never a day that I’m sitting at my desk wondering what I’m supposed to be doing - it’s awesome! 

Look forward to continuing my professional development by being a part of the Klaviyo community! 

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Hi I’m Greta and I am the Marketing Manager at Merz Apothecary, a 145-year old European-style pharmacy here in Chicago that has evolved into a major retail destination for natural health, wellness, luxury gifts and body care. Our online arm is Smallflower.com, which has been around for a while but we just moved to Shopify last month, along with Klaviyo.

I am most passionate about my relationships with family and friends, and particularly my three young kids. I also love yoga and the arts (I was an actor and then a theater producer for many years!)

Merz and Smallflower is very special. We are a small family owned and operated business with deep roots in our community. Our staff speaks 13 different languages and has serious expertise in our products. And our customers are fiercely loyal - many have been coming to us all their lives.

I am loving being on Shopify and Klaviyo and am excited to learn from this community.

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Hello everyone in the Klayvio community :vulcan_tone4: My name is Thomas and I am excited to be here. 

I am most passionate about learning how to live and grow. How to properly understand that process and apply it within my relationships. 

Today, I work with T3 PowerReady. I am the CEO. My brands focus is to create products and services that help us to access powers, already contained within us, in order to respond to lifes challenges. We may not be ready for everything, but we can dang sure practice! 

What I love most about my company is the opportunity to create a product or service that really helps others move to forward in their lives either through a fitness practice or achieving a greater understanding of themselves. Which, in the end, is the journey. (in my opinion) 

Although it makes me uncomfortable, I am looking forward to gaining knowledge as I trudge this road. 




Thomas A



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Hello Klaviyo community.

My name is Shiv and I’m the Founder & CEO of Innermost, a modern nutrition brand that creates targeted products to optimise the body and sharpen the mind. Passionate about building out business and have been using Klaviyo for a few years (after switching from Mailchimp). Great to be here.


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Hi y’all! I’m Valerie, I’m really into any and everything that can bring simultaneous joy and ease into my life. One of the many passions that brings both these things and more is my love of plants. And that love brought me to my current job as a Performance Marketing Manager at The Sill :) 

Excited to be in community with y’all and to learn some tips and tricks from some of the more seasoned Klaviyo users in the group! This is my first job using it so I’m still getting the hang of the system.

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Hello everyone.  My name is Damon.  I started my business a couple months ago and heard great things about how Klaviyo could help with my marketing and customer service.  I’m passionate about reaching those that don’t know Christ and producing designs and products that will reach those in and out of the church.  I’m the owner of Wrighteous Wear LLC a Christian apparel online store.  My full time job outside of that is working for the federal government as part of the Dept. of Justice.  I love that I have the freedom to be creative and the excitement from hearing how my products/designs have helped spark conversations.  I’m hoping to learn as much as I can to help make the process a little more automated so I don’t get too burned out from working both jobs.

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Hi Everyone, 

My name is Shristy. So nice to meet all of you and really excited about this platform and all the good it’s going to bring. 

I am really passionate about cooking and trying new recipes. I have also gotten into baking recently and learning all the new techniques and recipes makes it all fun. 

I am the Director of Ecommerce for San Diego Hat Company. I oversee all Digital Marketing, Email Communications and online sales across multiple channels for the company. 

I love working with the team here. There is so much flexibility when it comes to trying new ideas and strategies, which makes it always challenging but also very exciting. Love seeing all the results we get from the collaboration and campaigns that are positively impacting the growth in sales for the company. 

Happy to connect and really looking forward to learn more.