Feature Request - Browser Push notifications

  • 4 February 2021
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Hi KL community,


Wanted to gauge the interest of other brands for a roll out of a Klaviyo Browser Push notification, separate from the iOS push notifications that are currently featured. A lot of other CRMs that are a bit larger offer as part of their kit this but I like my KL ecosystem. I currently use a 3rd party Shopify App to provide this feature, where I can create similar flows to my KL (Abandon cart, welcome series) as well as notify interested subscribers about blog posts, and lastly to support my one time campaign measures. It’d be great to have this as part of my Klaviyo to prevent customer fatigue by hitting them in more than one medium, as well as provide customers the opportunity to choose how they get notified. 

8 replies

I am currently looking at Klaviyo as a viable solution for my company and having the ability to send web push notifications is on the must-have list, so I would really like to see this.


If vendors do not want to implement this themselves, it would be really nice if they all at least had a generic webhook solution to allow business users to use Klaviyo work flows to setup send rules and message content, but instead of Klaviyo doing the actual send, just make a generic webhook call and let customers implement the sending.


For those that don’t know what a webhook is, your developers would just enter a URL (like on your website) in to Klaviyo, and then when a work flow in Klaviyo needs to send a message, Klaviyo would just post the message to that URL (your website) and your website developers would handle sending the message which can be anything that Klaviyo doesn’t support directly, like a web push notification (for your PWA), or a Facebook Instant Messenger message, or anything else not directly supported by your ESP.

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Hello @emericharney and @espc,

Really appreciate you both for sharing your feedback with the Klaviyo Community!

Outside of the iOS Push notification, Klaviyo does not yet support push notifications at this time. I love the idea of reaching your customers through various mediums to prevent email fatigue! I’ll share these thoughtful insights and suggestions to our Product Team to look further into. 

Great suggestion on using a webhook as a work around, @espc. At present, Klaviyo only supports receiving data via webhooks from supported integration and does not support webhooks to send data from Klaviyo. That said, this feature to utilize webhooks to post events outside of Klaviyo is on the Klaviyo roadmap and is currently being worked on by our engineers and Product Team. I’ll circle back on this post and provide an updates once this feature does become available or if there were any news I can relay from our internal teams.

Thank you both for being members of the Klaviyo Community!


Hi @david.to, great to hear that outbound webhooks are currently being developed! Can you give a ballpark ETA on this feature?

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Hey @Pepijn,

Thanks for your interest in our outbound webhook feature!

At present this feature is still in development and we currently do not have an ETA on its release at this time. When we do have more information about this feature, i’ll be sure to share it with the other Community members following along to this post. 

Thanks for being a Klaviyo Community Member and have a great day!


Fingers crossed! Really missing pushes in Klaviyo


Was about to reach you for the web push service, luckily found this thread. Found helpful, however, would be really interested to hear more if any update on this.

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Hi @Seb,

Glad to hear you found this thread helpful! 

As an update to everyone following this postL It is coming soon - the team has been beavering away at this for some time so please keep your eyes peeled because there should be an announcement coming on this (although I can't give you an exact date, unfortunately). Follow along to our blog at Klaviyo.com/blog for product updates and releases.


Once there is a confirmed update, there will be a post here regarding that update!


Thank you,


Great news @alex.hong . Really looking forward to this feature opposed to adopting a completely separate platform. Hopefully we all hear more soon!