I want to eliminate all the contact form plugin and use klaviyo as a contact form not for suscribers. Is it possible?

  • 15 March 2023
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I want klaviyo to be my contact form for when there are questions on the website, initially not to enter as a newsletter subscriber, but to not have to use forms like Gravity or Contact Form 7 that give me integration problems and take up unnecessary space.
I use Woocommerce + Elementor Pro with Klaviyo theme.
Any ideas?


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4 replies

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Hi @SpanishDummy,

Welcome to The Community, thanks for the question.

The easiest way would be to redo the form using signup Klaviyo functionality. You can create embeded or full page form and map all the fields in similar fashion as you had in Contact Form 7. Then all answers will be stored in Klaviyo properties chose by you. 

Other option is to integrated Contact Form 7 with Klaviyo using API more about this you can find in this community thread:


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Hi @Jakub 

Thank you very much for your answer
And should I make a new list independent of subscribers?

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Hi @SpanishDummy!


@Jakub’s answer was spot-on!


It’s generally considered best-practice to have one main/master list that holds all of your marketing subscribers. If want to get more granular later, you can use segments to group different subscribers by their profile properties (sign-up form answers/preferences), as my colleague Taylor mentions in this thread:


Thanks for using the Community!

- Brian

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Hi @SpanishDummy,

I have couple of accounts that have different list for each form I must say its very hard to maintain. I would follow @Brian Turcotte recommendation and add those records to main list with additional property like source to easy track or segment those records.