Klaviyo Reviews are here!

Klaviyo Reviews are here!
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Hi Klaviyo Community!


Have you heard the news?! Klaviyo reviews are here!


That means the Integrations category just became the Integrations and Reviews category!


You can now collect, promote, and learn from customer reviews directly in Klaviyo. Then, surface review content across your owned channels, like your website and emails. Since all of your customer data exists in one place, you can get even more targeted and personalized in your messaging. 


🚀 Get started today with the following resources:


🗣 Let us know: what are you most excited for with reviews?




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Hi @Taylor Tarpley - could you possibly help. Do you know if there is a way to get a full page on my Shopify store that shows all the Klaviyo reviews I’ve collected thus far? 



I have just started to install the new reviews feature. Unfortunately I have already hit a roadblock as I cannot add a block or section to my default product page as per the instructions. I have a Shopify 2.0 theme. There is no option to do this, can anyone help with this as I would love to get it working! Or where can I access help to install, and not the website instructions as this is getting me nowhere!


Are we able to add a header to our featured reviews carousel? I just moved over from Judge.Me and when adding the Klayvio carousel it doesnʻt give an option to add a header. 


I also would love to be able to take out the photo option for the carousel. Is that an option that could be added in the future?  It gives the option for size photos only. 

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Hi, I am having major issues with the review integration an this is making me strongly consider moving to another platform ( and very possibly all email activity as well to keep everything in one place). My issues are as follows:

  1. Even though customers with email addresses and names associated have active profiles in our system, the “author” names that are automatically generated are not consistent or correct. some is part of their email, some have a lowercase letter for their last name initial
  2. when in the carousel format, how is it possible to see the entire text in the review? Ideally, it should be a pop up to the one full text with media of just that review, but we aren’t getting that or anything else. Its only acting like a link to the product. 
  3. There is no option to have the product listed in the carousel format. Possible to add?
  4. lack of support!!!!!!! We even went to an “office hours” session and all they could merely do was suggest we contact support. However, because we are a very small business just launching, and passed 60 days after creating (Not actually using!!!) the account there is zero support available outside of community forms….. the 60 days of support should be, at minimum, from the time activity starts in the account since many people get their systems up long before they are ready to get going.  (the entire lack of support is asinine - don't you WANT people to be successful who are small businesses and have yet to upgrade their account but would very possibly in the near future??? Otherwise this is a clear reason to drop and switch to a different platform) The lack of support has resulted in a very unprofessional roll out of our communications (and reviews!) and we have had to “figure everything out” on our own.
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Hi there,


Is the Klaviyo reviews product available via API at all? It seems like the only place I can collect reviews right now is in the shopify store and in the link sent via email or text. What if I want to support reviews in my mobile app? Is there any way to submit reviews collected by a 3rd party to Klaviyo?

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Does Reviews only work with Shopify? 

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Planning any integrations for other platforms?  Like Maropost/Neto?