Shopify Discounts - Combinable Discount Codes via Klaviyo

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As you may already know, Shopify introduced combinable discount codes in June of last year, which has been a game-changer for many of us.

However, I'm writing today to discuss a challenge that I and many others have faced when using Klaviyo for flows and customer rewards. As you may know, dealing with dynamic discount codes in Klaviyo can be a bit cumbersome, especially for those of us who offer automatic codes through Shopify.

For example, my shop offers automatic codes for bundling promotions - Buy 2, Save 5%, Buy 4, Save 15%. Unfortunately, this causes issues with our dynamic discount codes through Klaviyo, as we have to manually enable combinations each time Klaviyo generates a new set of discount codes. (This is just not possible to keep up with)

That's why I'm here today to request a new feature that would make our lives much easier - the ability to enable combinations en masse per discount through the Klaviyo dashboard. Even just the ability to automatically combine codes would be a huge help.

I believe that this feature would not only benefit me but also many others who are struggling with the same issue. It would save us time and streamline our workflow, allowing us to focus on providing the best possible service to our customers.

I have taken the liberty of creating a mockup image that illustrates how this feature could look on the Klaviyo dashboard. I believe this will help give you a better idea of what we are looking for and how it could work in practice. 



In addition to the issue I mentioned earlier, another problem we have encountered is that customers are unable to add the Free Shipping code on top of the automatic 5% discount code. This is because Shopify's automatic discount codes do not allow stacking with Klaviyo’s current dyamic Free Shipping discount codes that are being generated.

This limitation can be frustrating for customers who may have received a dynamic discount code from us, only to find out that they cannot use it in conjunction with the automatic discount code. This can lead to confusion and dissatisfaction, potentially resulting in lost sales and reduced customer loyalty.

By enabling combinations en masse per discount through the Klaviyo dashboard, we would be able to overcome this limitation and allow customers to stack discount codes as they see fit. This would not only improve the customer experience but also give us greater flexibility in our promotional strategies.


Thank you again for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this feature request.


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Yes, thank you for requesting this @Vensy. It is so needed!
Please add this feature Klaviyo! We should be able to combine Klaviyo generated coupon codes with Shopify codes since it is now a feature in Shopify.

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Hi @Vensy and @DadCertified!


I will definitely forward this to our Product Team on your behalf - I think it’s a very interesting idea!


I’ll update the thread if there are any changes in the future.


Thanks for using the Community!

- Brian

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Love this!

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Thanks for the support, y’all!

I forgot that in my mock-up, the “Product discounts” and “Order discounts” are set as radio buttons, but they should actually be checkboxes. Combining with shipping discounts should be an option, too.


I forgot that in my mock-up, the “Product discounts” and “Order discounts” are set as radio buttons, but they should actually be checkboxes. Combining with shipping discounts should be an option, too.

Yes, good idea. FYI, currently in Shopify only Product and Shipping discounts OR Order and Shipping discounts can be combined. Order and Product discounts cannot yet be combined. An easy workaround is setting up the “Order” discount as a Product discount and selecting all of your collections so it works with any order.


@Brian Turcotte , do you have an update for us?

This is an essential function for us and many businesses who provide unique discount coupons via email flows which I imagine is a majority of Klaviyo users?

Shopify have just released an update allowing us to combine all three types of discount codes/coupons (see below screenshots).

We should have access to this setting in the Klaviyo coupon builder. It is very important that customers don’t lose access to other sales discounts and that they can still apply the unique discount codes provided in our email flows.

Customers get upset when simple functionality like this doesn’t work and it’s not a good look.

Shopify Email has this functionality and it is starting to look like it might be worth switching back to that.

Screenshots from Shopify Discounts:



Yes, totally this.

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Hey @Vensy, @DadCertified, and @User3000,

Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! Although we don’t yet have an update on this feature to combine coupons in Klaviyo, you can rest assured that this suggestion has been shared directly with our Product Team. 

As my colleague, @Brian Turcotte mentioned, we’ll update this thread as soon as we have any available news we can share. 

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!


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Any update on this?

Seem’s like this should be a core function of Klaviyo...


I ran into the same issue and I really think that it should be solved on shopify side as having all Klaviyo auto generated codes stackable with other discounts will also allow abuse.

The only solution I see right now would be to have a parameter to force discounts generated by shopify function to stack with other already present discount. Not only Klaviyo is late on this issue, most loyalty apps are just starting to see the extend of the issue. 

I’ve written a post where I recap all current limitations, including the ones that would come from the proposed solution offered by the OP. Read it here :

Hope we will find a solution for this asap!

Klaviyo’s integration with Shopify, in terms of coupons, is essentially no longer valid. It incredible that it is taking Klaviyo this long to catch up to a feature that Shopify has been 1. Working on for a while and 2. Release months ago. If Klaviyo is to continue to remain a viable Shopify partner, you must be up-to-date with everything Shopify. This is not just a “good idea” Klaviyo, it is a MUST UPDATE.

Hi guys, 


After analyzing the issue back and forth. The best course of action would be to have the settings on the shopify side. I’ve drafted a GitHub post you could read here : Hope shopify will act on it soon.




Am still waiting for this crucial update 

Is this feature going to be ignored?


It seems pointless to run my abandoned cart through Klayvio now, because the coupon generated can’t be used with existing sales / offers.


I really don’t want to switch, but, need this functionality.

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Wouldn’t you know it, almost a year later and Klaviyo still hasn’t done anything about another missing or broken feature.

Last update was 5 months ago from them, are we to take it that you have no intention of implementing this crucial update then? if so please let us know so we can start looking for alternatives.

Have found my way here and am hoping for this functionality for our store as well. Customers are very disappointed when they’re emailed a code that cannot be used. 

Just joined Shopify and Klaviyo last month and can’t believe I’m tanking my conversion rate because of a broken feature in Klaviyo.

I have an auto apply free shipping coupon I setup in Shopify that is set to combine with any type of discount. The auto generated Klaviyo discount when entered erases the free shipping discount, so the user is forced to either dump the cart, erase the klaviyo coupon and restart the order, or not use the free shipping coupon and pay an extra $50+ for shipping.

How is this still a thing a year later? This is the first major hiccup I’ve hit with either platform and it’s a big one!

Does anyone recommend a Shopify pop-up app that creates unique coupon codes that are combinable with existing Shopify discounts? 

+1 for this functionality.


Hey Klaviyo, just wanted to add my voice to the chorus on this feature. Y’all need to let us configure whether or not the generated discount codes will be marked as combinable with free shipping or order discounts. I have some evidence that this is costing me sales, and when it doesn’t, I have to issue manual refunds for the shipping cost. This is enough to make me abandon Klaviyo as a platform, which I really don’t want to do.


I don’t understand why this is still not supported, 1 year later. The effort to implement this would be relatively low for Klaviyo and yet it would be a big win for merchants.

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I love how Klaviyo has released a bunch of useless functions, but has ignored this simple element.
We’ve had many frustrated customers because of this.

This feature would really be beneficial. 

I've created a Flow email to be triggered when a customer buys a certain product which sends them a discount code to purchase additional accessories to go along with their purchase before we ship there order out. This way it saves them on additional shipping.

So I need two dynamic discount codes to be used together, one for the discount and another for the free shipping (It would be nice to have this as one discount code not two, but that's a Shopify issue).

Now I need to go into Shopify discounts and manually select the check boxes for combining Order and Shipping discounts for each Dynamic code that is created in Shopify.

Kind of defeats the whole automation thing.