How to manually suppress a profile in Klaviyo?

  • 27 November 2020
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Manually suppressing a profile in Klaviyo is pretty simple. To manually unsubscribe someone from all emails sent by Klaviyo, navigate to Profiles > Suppressed Profiles > Add Email Address. Enter the email address and select Add Email Address

This method is what we’d recommend for suppressing a single profile at a time if, for example, a customer requested that you remove them from your list. If you are looking for more information on how to suppress multiple profiles at once for list cleaning, check out our article on how to identify and suppress unengaged profiles.

If you have any questions about this process, post below and let’s discuss!

5 replies

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This is the only thing holding us back from using Klaviyo. As simple “Supress this profile” - Button would make it easer. Also to simply mark a checkbox und supress all marked profiles like many other Email Markting companies do would be much preferred.


Any plans on adding a feature that makes it more simple in the future? ETA?

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Yeah @Presetlion , it’s definitely not as simple as a one-click button within a profile, but I think this was an intentional design choice. We want Klaviyo users to be intentional about suppressions since when a customer is suppressed they cannot be unsuppressed unless the customer opts-in to your marketing again themselves. A confirmation pop-up before the action is completed could help mitigate accidental suppressions though, and I’ll pass along your feedback to the team!

If you want to suppress multiple profiles at once you can create a segment of profiles, export it as a .csv, and upload it under Profiles > Suppressed Profiles > Upload File. By using segments, we encourage users to suppress profiles based on their behavior (e.g., “What someone has or has not done > opened or clicked email > zero times > within the last > 6 months > and is not suppressed,” will create a segment of unengaged profiles). 

I hope this helps, and thank you for the product feedback!

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So it would be awesome to be able to suppress a profile from within the actual profile… not having to leave that screen, go and find the suppression list and put it in. :-) 

And it would be great to ban a domain suffix that is 99% spam - such as any email ending in .ru 

Thanks Jen

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I agree with Jen above. It would be far easier to be able to suppress a profile from the profile screen rather than having to copy and paste the email address into another page. Thank you

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WOW! This is easy way to unsubscribe someone my simply going to their profile. We brought over all our existing customers from our cart and not our CRM. Now I run the risk of SPAM complaints because we’re emailing them again. Would have thought twice about making the switch.