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Is there a way to add a text input field that is multiple lines (similar to the input box that I’m writing this question within). I see Klaviyo has a text input block for forms but it’s restricted to one line.  I would like to have multiple lines where user can right multiple lines of text with paragraph breaks.    Is this possible? If not, what other service provides this that can be integrated with klaviyo?



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Hello @hotroddy,

Great question!

You are correct that Klaviyo’s input fields for signup forms currently only support one line entry and does not accept line breaks. Other alternatives available to you to have multi-line input field would be coding and building your own signup form, using a third party signup form which has an integration with Klaviyo, or setting up a redirect to a Klaviyo list for a third party signup form which does not have an integration with Klaviyo. 

To learn more about building your own custom signup forms or setting up a redirect for a third party signup form, I would recommend taking a look at the following resources Klaviyo offers:

I would also suggest finding a Klaviyo partner or working with a developer to build or set up a redirect an existing signup form as well if you were unfamiliar with coding. You can also find a number of integrations that connect with Klaviyo from the Klaviyo Integrations Directory which includes third party apps, tools, and signup form providers who have built their own connection to Klaviyo. 

I hope this helps!


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Where can we vote to put this on the product development roadmap? Even mailchimp has this capability. Yikes! That’s embarrassing.